Jacob Canada: 25% Off With Trade-Ins


Over on Facebook, Jacob Canada announced their latest deal - 25% off a regular priced item (in-store) if you trade-in some old clothing!

The used articles of clothing will be donated to goodwill, and you're getting a juicy 25% discount for helping out charity too - win win!

I like Jacob's clothing, it's trendy and professional. I also really like their lingerie, but find it a bit pricey.

While browsing their site, I noticed a link on the left for their "no retouching policy." They've undertaken not to use photoshopped pics for the advertising campaigns - which I am behind. They show an image of a before and after model shot, which was used in a previous campaign - and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the "before."

I spotted this deal over on Lena's blog, and she says:

I hate that they feel the need to put in a disclaimer for soiled, ripped underwear, but hey, you never know...

(Ends 24th December 2010)

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