Holt Renfrew: $50 Exclusive Michael Kors Scarfs Supporting Breast Cancer

So I am a sucker for charity products, I fully admit it. So every once in a while I will throw out there a post that isn't a deal per. say. This time I spotted a collaboration between Holt Renfrew, Michael Kors and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. If you buy an Exclusive Michael Kors Scarf at Holt Renfrew part of the proceeds will be going to support Breast Cancer. You can pre-order this scarf online and pick it up at your local store.

The scarf is made of a cashmere/wool blend and comes in 3 different coloured patterns: red, grey or camel.

Now this isn't a typical deal as in 'being on sale' etc, but I think of this is a different type of deal really. This is an exclusive from a well known designer Michael Kors. It is at a very reasonable price point: $50, for begin a cashmere/wool blend. Being  cashmere/wool blend it should be nice and warm, rather practical for a good fall scarf. In the end you are supporting a good charity and getting something you will enjoy as well.

As I mentioned, I am a sucker for this kind of thing. I am going to be getting one. probably the grey or the camel. The camel colour actually reminds me of a giraffe skin, I love giraffes. :-)


  • Carrie
    awesome thanks! i ordered 2, i think it will make a lovely gift for my mom who survived breast cancer twice!
    • Avigayil
      Wow, congrats to your mom! What colours did you get? I ended up going for the camel colour, I thought it would be lovely to go with just about everything. :-)
      • Carrie
        I ordered one camel and one black. But i cant decide which to keep and which to gift. i think my mom would prefer black, so maybe I'll keep the camel one.
  • Elisabeth R.
    Stop being a sucker and start asking some questions prior to making these kinds of purchases. What percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this scarf will be donated to breast cancer research? How exactly will this money be used - will it be used to find a cure or will it be used to find the cause or put towards prevention? Note that most cancer organizations only put 3-5% of their donated dollars towards prevention. What other products does Holt Renfrew sell that might cause breast cancer? You participates in a 'pink' cause marketing campaign designed to increase a company's profits. Chances are you wouldn't have made the purchase had the scarf not been affiliated with breast cancer.
  • Avigayil
    First off, Any percentage is > than 0% which is the proceeds the majority of clothing purchases will end up having proceeds donated to charity. But in answer to your question, Holts will be donating 100,000 to the charity in whole. I'm not sure how that will break down, depends on how many people buy scarves. How the proceeds will be used doesn't really matter. You need to find a cause to find a cure. You need to find a cause to figure out a prevention. A prevention is pretty much up the same ally as a cure, they are all intertwined and all worthy causes. I am quite well aware that companies use charity products as marketing ploys. Same with sales, coupons, trade-in offers and freebies. Pretty much everything a company does that interacts with a customer is called marketing. Marketing isn't evil: it is how companies communicate with us. How else are we suppose to know what is available? As for whether I would have purchased the scarf had it not been linked with the campaign, not sure! $50 for a Michael Kors scarf of that size, that is a wool/cashmere blend is actually a good price. Cashmere is not a cheap fabric. It is fabulous to see such a conscious consumer! keep it up. :-)

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