Canadian Deals: A Hot Offer from La Senza: Panties Galore!

I think this is a particularly hot deal from La Senza!! Basically, their clearance panties are $15 for 5 pairs. This looks like it is both online and in-store @ LaSenza Canada.

Whether you’re a g-string girl, a belle in briefs, or a hottie in hipsters*, there’s bound to be something there in the ladies underwear range that tickles your fancy.

I have to tell you guys – most of my undies are from La Senza!! When they have these offers, I stock up, sometimes buying 10 or 15 pairs of panties in one session!!

Some fashion news: The PussyCat Dolls are launching a new range at La Senza, called " Robin Antin" this fall, which I heard about on the Mpelembe site. That will be an interesting one to see!!

- Anna

* Even if you are none of the above... maybe all you need is some new panties!!

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