Beyond The Rack: New Shipping Policy

Beyond the Rack recently changed their shipping policy. Now when you make a purchase you pay for shipping once, and you can make another purchase the same day with no extra shipping charges.

You have until midnight ET to make another purchase with free shipping.

Some of you may say this is no big deal, but if you shop at Beyond The Rack often you will understand why this matters.

  1. Beyond the Rack has a cart limit of 10 items, and you can only have those 10 items on reserve for 20 minutes.
  2. Beyond The Rack often has sales that start in the morning, and others in the afternoon.

This new shipping policy allows you to have more freedom. You can buy something in the morning and not have to pay extra shipping if you find something you want in the afternoon. Also the 10 item limit will no longer cramp your style.

Expiry: Ongoing

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