Banana Republic: Envelope Event - Save 25, 30 or 50%


Banana Republic is hosting it's annual envelope event. In store you will receive an envelope. When you go to pay for your items you will get either 25%, 30% or 50% off your purchase. As for online, if you received an email with an exclusive coupon code - you can do the same thing online! Just apply it in the coupon code area.

We got one of the envelopes via email.. so I did up a demo cart to see what the coupon value was, it was for 30%. I wish there was something at Banana Republic I was just dying to have right now, but currently no go. The only item I wanted was this Silk Ruffle Shirtdress (in dusty rose), originally $160, on sale for $49.99.. and with 30% off would only be $34.99. But I don't want anything else and it doesn't qualify for free shipping, so I probably wont get it.

I hope some of our Moosers get the envelopes!


  • Callista
    Hey Avigayil, I just checked my code and it's good for 50% off. It's up for grabs if you want it!
    • Callista
      Booo! I have to go out now, so I'm going to post on another site. Would have rathered give it to you!!
      • Avigayil
        Eek!! Sorry. would have loved it.
        • Callista
          Yay for me being a procrastinator and not leaving yet! How do you want me to send it to you?
          • Avigayil
            Thanksies a whole bunch!

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