Abercombie & Fitch: Extra 40% Off Redlines

Abercombie is offering an extra 40% off all 'Redlines'. This is an online only sale, in stores it will only be 25% off Redlines. Abercombie & Fitch ships from the US but don't let that make you tremble. "Duties for shipments to Canada will be covered by Abercombie & Fitch" Wehe! That is why I like them!

The Redlines is pretty much their clearance section. You can browse the different categories of it using the left side panel. Wow did I find some amazing deals:

Shipping is around $10 - $15. Oddly enough I got quoted $10 when I checked out and then when I got the confirmation email from A&F it showed $15. So I sent off a little email asking for them to fix that problem.

Sale ends 18th, July 2011.


  • Avigayil
    Follow-up: Got an email back saying they made the adjustment so the shipping was only $10 (not $15 like the email confirmation). :-)
    • melisa
      Hi Avigayil, Quick question - Was your order b/w 0-100$ or 100+?
      • Avigayil
        My order was under $100. :-)
  • jackson
    me 2 i have this problem

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