Roots Canada: $20 off $100 Purchase with MasterCard


OMG I've died and gone to heaven! I just happened to look over at the Roots website and found not only this swank promotion for $20 off $100 when you pay with your MasterCard, but tons of new leather items, a new yoga section and a holiday gift guide! "Hello, this is Avigayil's wallet speaking.. don't you dare!" :-D

As afore mentioned... a yoga section! More leather items like iPad and laptop cases! And.. omg.. sleepwear! Something to get all cozy in while you watch the fire in the furnace's pot-light burn! They have majorly expanded their online selection... I am thrilled!

Of course for this holiday season what is more useful than a gift guide. They have their's divided by price, and a category for stocking stuffers. I found a jar of Cherry Sours under the men's stocking stuffers section... and boy would I love to find them in my stockings... but preferably in my mouth :-D YUM! Amazing selection of stocking stuffers and one of the best gift guides I have seen so far, hands down!

($20 off $100 is for reg. priced items. Promotion ends November 21, 2010)

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  • char
    Hi Love your website by the way. I have been looking for great buys on good fitting jeans, that don't shrink, or loose their shape. My budget 25-30 dollars. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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