Updated: Apr 22, 2016

First Boxing Day Flyers have come rolling in...

Hey Moosers! Some fun facts:

I won't make a post about every single flyer that our Moosers upload to the Bargainmoose Boxing Day sales dashboard and the Boxing Day flyers section, but I wanted to show you these as they are very popular stores!

And Cecilia, Leebrux and Jonno have each gained themselves a $10 Amazon.ca gift voucher, because that's part of our Boxing Day contest!

Guess what... I'm also feeling generous, so I will award Cecilia, Leebrux and Jonno with double prizes... a $20 voucher for each of those flyers! Thanks guys!


  • Kim
    I can't seem to get the Canadian Tire link to work - it's directed to Old Navy's flyer right now. Thanks!
  • bella
    http://www.bargainmoose.ca/canada-boxing-day-sales/canadian-tire-boxing-day-sale/flyer-2011 I think that's the right link Kim :)
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Thanks guys, fixed the linkie :)

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