Fantasy Genre Books, Under $2 And Up @

Fantasy Genre Books, Starting Under $2

Do you remember how great it feels to immerse yourself in a fantasy genre book, and just totally lose yourself in it? There is something to be said for giving yourself a bit of a break from day to day life.

You can do this for 50% off right now at There are 50 titles you can choose from, ranging from under $2 to under $5! They state on their website that their prices are read-iculously low, and they really are.

The titles include a diverse selection that will suit various tastes.

Shipping is reasonable, and increases by only a little, the more you purchase. Here's the shipping break down for you:

STANDARD SHIPPING RATES WITHIN CANADA $3.99 for shipping and $0.95 cents per item (CDN dollars.) Examples: $4.94 for a one item order, $5.89 for a two item order, $6.84 for a three item order
and $7.79 for a four item order.

(Deal expiry: Unknown)

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