Chapters Canada: 33% - 57% Off Kobo Covers

If you are a Kobo owner or have a friend/family member who is, Chapters is offering Kobo Touch canvas book style covers for $20, originally $35. They also are offering Kobo Roots Leather Envelope Covers (only blue and yellow) for 57% off, only $15, originally $34.95. On top of that Kobo Wi Fi Roots Leather Sleeve Covers are 33 - 50% off depending on the colour you choose: originally $29.95 they will cost you either $15 or $20.

Canvas Bookstyle: You have 6 colours to choose from: Red, Iron, Purple, Blue, Brown or Green.

Wifi Roots Cover: Red, Black, Fuchsia, blue and Brown are 33% off. Orange, yellow and white are 50% off.

Roots Leather Envelope: Choose from colours blue or yellow for 50% off. The rest are still regular price.

Free shipping is at $25 so you might want to add on an extra few $$ worth for that free shipping. Might I suggest a Purple Glass Votive for $5, a Truffle White Cocoa - Mini Tin with Screw Cap for $5.60 or perhaps a Moose Head Electronic Stand for $6.65.

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