Canadian Freebies: 1 Year Of Maxim Magazine!

We get a lot of freebies for the ladies on Bargainmoose, from tampons to foot cream.

I think we can safely say that this freebie is for the dudes (well, depends on which side your toast is buttered)! You can get a free subscription to Maxim magazine – for one whole year!

When you land on the subscription page, be sure to click on the “click here if you are a Canadian subscriber” link.

  • Voucher code: YSON

When prompted, enter the above voucher code.

I’ve never actually bought this magazine. I used to know some guys who liked it, and I used to glance through their copy. You know, the dudes who photoshop those ladies have some mad skills!

But I must say that the writing in some of the articles is pretty funny. And the readers’ stories are usually a good laugh. If you like that sort of thing.


  • Were z.
    Just ordered and it worked, now to wait 4-6 weeks to see if I receive it
  • hannahmumma
    I just placed to order for my husband as a surprise.......hope we received it and he will love it!
  • Anna
    Let us know if/when you get it please!
  • Bella
    Awesome! I just placed an order for my husband as well ... says 4-6 weeks. Darn - I put his email - is he going to get a confirmation email? Shoot. Great blog/tweeter by the way!
  • Were z.
    Has anyone received their copy yet?
  • Doug
    Ok its been 6weeks or more and I still have not received my copy. Has anyone else?

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