Bookcloseouts Cookbook Sale!


I just got an email from Bookcloseouts Canada about a new sale on their cookbook ranges, which is worth writing about!

The cookbooks have been reduced by a further 35% on their original prices. There are some excellent bargains to be hand, on topics as diverse as cocktails to chicken recipes!!

Here are a few books that would fit in well to my own collection: 1001 cocktails

  • 1001 Cocktails: ($4.54) Maybe I could try one of these a day for the next 3 years or so. That sounds like a good plan! There are quite a few cocktail themed books, if you pop the word "cocktail" into the search.
  • At Home with the French Classics: ($4.54) This one sounds like just my tasse de thé. I'm sure my favorite is in there somewhere - French Onion Soup! A French friend of mine once told me an interesting fact - french onion soup is only made when there's nothing else in the house but onions and old bread.

  • Best Ever Meat Lover's Cookbook: ($2.59) Oh, this one would suit me down to the ground! I'm such a carnivore, couldn't live without my steaks! My culinary expiriments with meat are usually pretty tame though. I've never cooked with anything mad like game, or exotic meats - just plain old beef, chicken or pork here!Cakes
  • Confetti Cakes For Kids: ($9.74) This looks like a great one for those of you with kids! It contains lots of cakes, cookies, and cupcake recipe. Hang on a minute - forget the kids! I would love this cookbook!
  • Little Book of Soup: ($2.59)  The description doesn't tell me anything about the contents of this book, but I am a soup lover and I really enjoy trying out new recipes. Soups are so easy to make, and usually come out looking and tasting perfect, no matter how horrible a cook you are!

Remember, if you are spending quite a bit of money, be sure to look for discount codes - I have a few posted here previously on Bargainmoose.

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