Bookcloseouts Canada: 69% Off For Better or For Worse 1st Treasury - Now $7.99

So I rarely post about just one book but this book deserves it. if you were ever a fan of the very well known comic strip For Better or For Worse you are going to love their Something Old Something New For better or Worse 1st Treasury. In stores the book will cost you $25.99 but at Bookcloseouts Canada they have them on sale for $7.99!

Not only is this a great discount on the book but the book itself is already great value. It has 404 pages of comics starting from the very beginning in a beautiful hardcover edition. I also love that the author has comments and commentary on the comics often talking about inspiration and or feedback she received on individual strips.

Also, if you don't mind your book coming in not so perfect condition, there are a few scratch and dent copies you can get your hands on for only $5.49 each. I don't mind my book having a dent or two and I hate dust covers with a passion so I am all for scratch and dent copies.

Shipping is $3.99 per shipment and $0.75 per item. So even if you got just this book shipping would be $4.74 which is a grand total of around $13 for the regular edition and just a bit over $10 for the scratch and dent copy including shipping.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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