Bookcloseouts Canada: 50% Off 50 New Gardening Titles

Bookcloseouts Canada has a sale every two weeks with 50% off 50 titles and this time it is on new gardening titles. This is great, just in time for Spring so you can get your beds ready and yard blooming.

I wish I was a green thumb, but I pretty much kill everything I plant unless it is just something that will not die. Sometimes I have luck with vegetables, otherwise I just have no clue what I'm doing. I wanted to plant a tree last year and my husband said he would not take part in the murder of a defenceless tree. Yes, I am that bad. I do like gardening, but I don't like bugs and I don't know the solution for that one! Maybe if I purchased some of these titles I could learn more and do better.

Some titles that really interest me:

  • 37 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill ($1.99)
  • Better Homes and Gardens Made Simple ($4.99)
  • Container Gardening for Dummies ($4.49)
  • Carefree Plants ($5.49)

Here are some titles that will benefit the more greener thumbed:

  • Water Gardening 1-2-3 ($2.49)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Wildflowers of North America ($1.99)
  • The Wildlife Garden Specialist ($1.99)

Shipping is $3.99 per shipment and an additional $0.75 per item.

(Expiry: two weeks)

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