BookCloseOuts Canada: 100s of Humor Comics @ 50% Off


In a recent email newsletter from BookCloseOuts Canada, they told me that they're offering 100s of humour comics for 50% off or more!

Now, this sale is right up my alley. Here are some examples of the series on offer:

Far Side - I've got quite a few of these individual books already, but I also have a stupendous Far Side hardback collection of everything they've ever done. I'm particularly fond of the comic strips about cows. Or chickens. If you have never heard of the Far Side, have a quick google image search and see if you like some of the individual cartoons.

Calvin & Hobbes - When I was at school, an artistic young lad in my class was obsessed with C&H and used to doodle little pictures of them all over his books. I never really liked the comics through, they never really grabbed me. But I know that there are a lot more die-hard fans out there too.

Dilbert - And what person who has worked in an office has never at some point had a chuckle at the antics of Dilbert and co?

DIY Dentistry - I've got this one! It's one of our "bathroom books." It's a series of cartoons showing people pulling their own teeth, and other funny inventions.  Both my partner and I are very squeamish about the dentist, so anything that helps alleviate a bit of that tension is always a bonus.

Remember, the BookCloseOuts pocket book sale is still ongoing too.

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  • Eric
    Be aware that stores account passwords unencrypted in their database. Why is this a problem? No major online store should allow you to retrieve your forgotten password: you should only be able to reset it. If anyone gets access to bookcloseout's database, they could use the email and passwords on other sites. Most people use the same password across multiple sites. Caveat emptor.

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