Bookcloseouts: Additional 50% Off Over 10k Titles

Bookcloseouts has an additional 50% off over 10,000 books! This is their Clearance Sale, and def. worth checking out. If you are shopping I suggest using the .com not .ca website. The shipping price is the same, both ship from within Canada... but with the US/CAN exchange rate you will end up paying less for your order if bought on .com.

I like the sound of this 4 Ingredient Cook Book: now only $2.49. Sometimes I really don't have time to cook, but 4 ingredients sounds do-able!

If you are looking for some younger readers books, check out Alector's Choice (Corean Chronicles, Bk. 4) by L. E. Modesitt. This hardcover book was originally $27.99, and is now only $2.99! You might be able to find the entire series on there!

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