Vistaprint Canada: 5 Cent Sale

Vistaprint Canada is having a five-cent sale of many of their most popular items!

For only 5 cents, you can personalize:

Order a t shirt, one of 36 designs, for free! Regular price is $13.99.

While you might not think of these products for other than business needs, often your kid's school, sports team or other community events would love a donation of these products advertising an upcoming spring carnival, fundraising event or sports tournament.

Shipping is a flat rate of $7.99.

Expires: 16th April, 2012


  • Kim
    My shipping came to $17...but maybe it was because I ordered a banner and I'm assuming that is fairly big.
  • Dawnm
    Has anyone tried to order more than one of these products on the same order? I seem to be only able to find a 5 cent sale item if I click on the link for just that item - but then if I try to continue shopping and add more items to the same card, I can't find the other 5 cent sale items, so I would have to order them separately and pay separate shipping on every item. I can't figure out how to get more than one of the sale items on the same order!
    • Jodie
      Yes, that's happened to me too. Sometimes you have to leave two windows open and keep going back and forth, but your cart should keep updating.

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