Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Stream 8 Tablet & Case From HP (Again!)! (CLOSED)


 *** Contest now closed, winner is Karen! ***

You may have entered the HP contest we put out on Monday for a Stream 8 plus case. I'll be contacting the winner this morning, so be sure to check your email and see if it is you. If it isn't you, be happy to know we've got another Stream 8 plus case to give away! You can enter again, even if you entered the first time and don't forget to share, share, share!

Just to refresh you, the HP Stream 8 tablet is worth $219, is 8", loaded with Office 365 and Windows 8 and is overall just a fabulous piece of electronics. The case is designed specifically for the Stream 8, in your choice of three colours and worth $34.99.

If you plan on doing some back to school shopping, they've got a fully stocked section where you can shop for deals, including up to 50% off accessories. New mouse anyone? Like I said on Tuesday, free shipping always applies.

How to win this prize?

Answer the following question: What are your favourite features on HP computers?

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 14th August 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account. Please be sure to check your email frequently so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!


  • Stephanie R.
    My favourite feature on HP Computers is the storage capacity. And also that some of them have a touchscreen.
  • Effy
    My favourite feature is the clean pages, it looks very neat.
  • Katy
    Favourite HP feature is how thin the systems have become. Take up less space around the apartment.
  • Rick
    My Fave featurette is the HP update app you always get with HP computers. It makes it a doddle to update stuff windows update misses.
  • yingy_c
    Storage space is the best.
  • Tracy
    I like how sleek, thin and lightweight a lot of their computers have become. ^_^
  • Leah p.
    My favorite thing is the ease of use with all hp products
  • Josie
    definitely storage space!
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Josie
  • laurel
    love the touchscreens. makes learning interactive!
  • Carrie
    I love the touchscreens :)
  • Princess
    I like how sharp & clear the images appear.
  • Jonnie
    I love that HP computers are Windows based and they are last a long time. We have an HP desktop from 2003 that still boots up no problem.
  • Jonnie
    I subscribe to your emails
  • Cosimo V.
    My favourite features on HP computers is the use of the latest CPU versions and long battery life.
  • Nancy
    I know others have said this but I love the touchscreen!! Thanks
  • suzi
    I love the size -- my last computer was big and bulky but seeing how sleek and slim the new HPs are makes me want one even more!
  • Scott
    My favourite features on HP computers are the blazing fast speeds that the newest processors have • I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates. • I posted a link to this contest on my wall and (always) like Bargainmoose.
  • Paula
    I like the fact that HP computers are always evolving - the latest technology!
  • Nicole L.
    Our laptop is an HP and we love the touchscreen!
  • Paula
    I'm an email subscriber!
  • suzi
    I also subscribe :)
  • Nancy
    My favourite feature of HP computers are their keyboards as they have nice flex, well spaced out and are sturdy.
  • suzi
  • Nancy
    I'm an email subscriber as well :)
  • Deanne S.
    I also love how easy newer sizes are to transport. I work from home a lot and a tablet loaded with Office 365 would be amazing!!!
  • lennypuz
    storage space for sure!
  • cathy m.
    stream 8 is awesome because of windows 8 8 'what makes stream 8 awesome is windows 8 and the durable case.
  • Anne P.
    So much easier to see the screen than my iPhone. I am subscribed to Bargain Moose and I love the deals.
  • Alexandra
    My mom has an HP laptop. Something like 12Gigs of RAM. Simply amazing.
  • Sandy
    definitely that they can be light weight - better on the shoulders and back!
  • nina
    Love the form factor, and the fact that the tablet comes preloaded with Windows 8 (too bad it's not Windows 10 though!) and Office 365.
  • nina
    Email subscriber
  • sheila
    the amount of storage space
  • Jenn S.
    My favorite feature is the portability. With such a busy life, I appreciate that most HP devices are easy to use and carry around!
  • Lucie
    I enjoy touch screens. Windows 8 and Office are also great features.
  • Allison
    I like the amount of storage space - really useful
  • Brenda
    My favorite feature is how light this HP product is.....the HP Stream 8 tablet...just a little over 400 grams.....makes it a breeze to pack and carry!
  • maureen72
    I love that HP products are available in a variety of colours and also that they have awesome prices.
  • witchblade
    The BEST feature on HP computers is the fan management. You may find this funny, but when you work daily on computers, noise can be damaging on the ears. Of all the computers I worked on at my job, the HP computers were the most silent one. At first, I was looking if my computer's fan was working since an Intel i6 make a lot of heat. I had noisy fans in the past and that damaged some of my hearing (over 20 years). Now happy to work with HP and it's silent fans!
  • Sue
  • Deborah
    I like the amount of storage space.
  • Saba
    They're durable and user friendly, and include most things in the price such as Windows 8.1 64, wireless keyboard and optical mouse
  • Remi
    I like the RAM
  • Vicki C.
    Love all the features of this HP Tablet!
  • Karla S.
    My favorite feature is the storage space!!
  • Karla S.
    email subscriber
  • Karla S.
    I follow on pinterest and pinned
  • Karla S.
    I follow on twitter & tweeted
  • Vickie
    love the WIMBoot feature to save storage space and launch apps faster with less memory.
  • Carolyn
    My favourite feature is definitely the long battery life!
  • Anita
    My favourite features on HP computers are the storage and the keyboard.
  • Kim S.
    I like that it is 3G enabled
  • peachie
    the touch screen is my favorite • I'm your email subscriber • tweeted, posted on Facebook, pinned
  • funky
    Ah yes, the storage and the keyboard. Love my desktop HP computer.
  • Amber Y.
    I love that they have so many touch screen computers. I've also always found their products to be very durable.
  • Amber Y.
    I subscribe to your blog via email.
  • Amber Y.
    I pinned the contest
  • Amber Y.
    I tweeted about the giveaway!
  • Sophia
    I love that they have a touch screen feature with their computers.
  • Crystal P.
    The touch screen is a nice feature!
  • Crystal P.
    i subscribe via email!
  • Grace
    love the touch screen.
  • Crystal P.
    I follow you on Pinterest and I pinned the giveaway
  • Tina
    Touchscreen all the way!!
  • Cecilia
    Email subscriber
  • Cecilia
    tweeted @happy_chinadoll
  • Jody
    Touch screen! :) The printers have always been great too.
  • Graham
    I like the windows based tablets - HP does it best!
  • Zoe
    My favourite features are the excellent amount of storage and the touchscreen
  • Irene
    My favourite HP feature is the ability to e-print from anywhere through a web connection by sending an email to your printer 's email address.
  • moe146
    I love the sleek design.
  • katama381
    i like the touch screen. I subscribe to your email newsletter
  • Amy
    Love the HP tablet as tablet form is user-friendly and usually lighter than notebook.
  • William A.
    I love the 1-year limited hardware warranty.
  • Gavin
    Love everything!
  • Cee
    Love that the HP tablet will come with the full MSOffice suite!
  • Lisa A.
    Touchscreens - so user-friendly. Thanks for the chance!
  • Lisa A.
    I subscribe to daily email updates.
  • Nickster
    I like quality of HP touch screens.
  • Harjot
    My favorite feature on HP computers is the maintenance schedule the computer comes with.
  • S
    I have an older HP. Would love to try the touch screens :-)
  • lalaon
    The vibrant display is the best!
  • ginette4
    I love the touch screen
  • ginette4
    I'm a subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
  • jamesc
    Touch screen is awesome
  • Emil
    love the HP touch screens smoothness
  • Helen
    I like that the rear camera (5mp), quad core processors and ability to use micro sd cards to increase memory.
  • Zelma M.
    The touch screen and able to e-print are great features
  • tyler
    My favourite features are the excellent amount of storage and the touchscreen
  • Tiffany
    I love the touchscreen on HPs! They are great. We have them at work and I love using it.
  • wes
    They are value priced
  • Amanda
    I need a laptop for my son
  • Amanda
    I am looking for a laptop for my son
  • Mike G.
    I like the touchscreens!
  • Biswaroop C.
    HP features I love are Touchscreen, sleek design, use of SD cards for storage, perfect sized tablet amongst all others. I already subscribe to the daily email
  • Happy_Face
    I love the use of touchscreens in the newer HPs. I also like the Windows 8 apps, specifically the calendar!
  • nanoq
  • Peter
    Their product is reliable and lasts a long time
  • Qamer J.
    I like the light weight of the product as it makes it very easy to carry.
  • Angela M.
    I've had HP laptops for years and I've always really liked them more than other brands. Right now I'd love to get one of their laptop hybrid PC's. I love the versatility of them!
  • Angela M.
    I subscribe to you by email:)
  • Angela M.
    I tweeted:
  • Angela M.
    Shared on Facebook:
  • Elaine W.
    That they last for several years! Already subscribed!
  • AmandaS
    I've never owned an HP computer before (yet!), but I love the quad core processors because speed is so important! Thank you for the great contest!
  • AmandaS
    Tweeted! =)
  • Brenda P.
    Some of the features I like are the operating system, the touchscreen, and that it is fast
  • Brenda P.
    I am an email subscriber
  • Kim F.
    Lightweight and reliable
  • Lorna
    Handy device
  • Donnas
    I'm using a Dell laptop now (and having a few problems with it). My previous laptop was a HP and I found it very reliable; in fact my next purchase will be an HP.
  • hottub777
    I love the reliablilty of the HP products
  • Donna S.
    Lightweight and touchscreen
  • mariz
    Very light and does not easily get a virus
  • Tainan L.
    HP is reliable
  • Tainan L.
    twitter -
  • Israel y.
    I like how lightweight they are
  • Israel y.
    I am a subscriber
  • Katie
    Touchscreen; reliability; ease of use ...
  • james
    HP always puts out high-quality products.
  • Barb O.
    I like that they are touchscreen, thanks for the chance to win!
  • Chester
    HP laptops are sturdy and efficient.
  • Wendi M.
    I always thought HP was only good at printers...then I bought my mom an HP desktop computer...she won't buy any other product now. She's 81 years old, and it's easy for her to work with and understand.
  • Gord
    I like that HP computers look cool.
  • Jan
    Functionality, reliability, speed, appearance. A great laptop.
  • Jan
    Functionality, reliability, speed, appearance.
  • Carolyn
    The touchscreen
  • Strider
  • Nimeera N.
  • Juli
  • Duncan G.
    I like the slimming feature on many of their computers, they are light and versatile.
  • Aaron P.
    Portable and useful.
  • lilpeej
    Not really a feature, but HP computers, from experience, seem to be of superior quality. I subscribe to Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • Jen d.
    I love how they're very user friendly
  • Jen d.
    Subscribed to daily emails
  • Karen
    Thanks Bargainmoose and HP. I was so excited to win!!

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