Free Shipping to Canada: No Minimum Spend!

1 April 2013


Here on the Bargainmoose Canadian deals community, we LOVE free shipping deals. Did you know that you can get free shipping to Canada with no minimum spend whatsoever, from many stores? On this page, you can see all of the online stores which offer totally free shipping - click through to any of the stores shown below and have a browse.

In addition to these permanent free shipping offers, there may also be some free shipping coupons and discounted shipping offers on our coupon section– don’t forget to check there too, before you make any purchase – you’d be surprised as to how many bucks you could save!

In addition to the free shipping offers below, you can also see the exclusive deals that Bargainmoose has secured with many popular Canadian stores. These “exmoosive” coupons offer you an exclusive deal as well as free shipping. Just use these exmoosive coupons when you are going through checkout to get an extra discount on top of the free Canadian shipping! Happy shopping!

ADDENDUM - there are many international stores which also offer free shipping to Canada - see the full list here!


bm_nominmon_titles_featuredstores coupons

Dell Canada
Dell coupons



Dyson Canada
Dyson coupons

Apple Canada

Gadgetplus Canada

Grace Digital Audio

Microsoft Store
Microsoft coupons


Crutchfield Canada

Canon Canada
Canon coupons

Lenovo Canada
Lenovo coupons

Virgin Mobile Canada
Virgin Mobile coupons coupons


Kellan Apparel

Funky Fleece Canada

Lolë Canada
Lole coupons

Michael Kors
Michael Kors Coupons



Silver Jeans
Silver Jeans coupons

Shop Suasion

Le Caniche Noire

Jag Jeans
Jag coupons

Ray Ban


Mimi McQueen

Cradle Slate

Province of Canada

Hektor Canada
Hektor Coupons


Top Condoms Canada

TopCondoms coupons

Trade Secrets Canada
Trade Secrets coupons

HCG DropsDirect Canada

Luxe Boutique
LuxeBoutique coupons

Topbox Canada
Topbox coupons

Rivalus Canada
Rivalus coupons

Tria Beauty
Tria coupons
Smartbuyglasses coupons

Stinky Phobia

Flexinail Canada
Flexinail coupons

Evo Derma Canada
Evoderma coupons

Beauty Sense Canada
BeautySense coupons

Cheap Tanning Lotions
CheapTanningLotions coupons

Arvene Canada

Body Energy Club Canada
Body Energy Club coupons

HC6drops Canada

Herbamax Canada

eSmoker Canada

Vitarock Canada


Avenue Supply Canada
AvenueSupply coupons

Costco Canada
Costco coupons

Home Depot Canada
HomeDepot coupons coupons


Emfurn Canada
Emfurn coupons

Ergoform Canada

Home Sweet Linens
HomeSweetLinens coupons

Beanbagboss Canada
Beanbagboss coupons

NBF Canada
SelectBlinds coupons
SelectRugs coupons

Blindsaver Canada
BlindSaver coupons

Bedding For Me Canada
BeddingForMe coupons

My Essentia Canada
MyEssentia coupons

Serenity Living Canada

Rugs On Time Canada

Absolutely Rugs Canada

Bloomex Gardens
Bloomex Gardens coupons

Maple Harbour Canada
Maple Harbour coupons

Le Caire Linens Canada

Endy Sleep
Endy Sleep coupons

Canvas n’ Decor
Canvas n’ Decor coupons

Art Galore
Art Galore coupons

Bidet Inc Canada

Comfy Bean Bag Chairs

Consumers Distributing


ShoeFreaks Canada
Shoefreaks coupons

Manitobah Canada
Manitobah coupons

Matthew Dack
MatthewDack coupons

Softmoc Canada
Softmoc coupons

Shoefitter Canada
Shoefitter coupons

The September
The September coupons

Zelen Shoes
ZelenShoes coupons

Fit4Balance Canada
Fit4Balance coupons

Hunter Canada
Hunter coupons


Oliberté Canada
Oliberté coupons

Bogs Footwear Canada
Bogs coupons


Mabel's Labels
Mabels coupons

Emily Press
Emilypress coupons

Elora Labels
EloraLabel coupons

Oliver’s Labels
Oliver’s Labels coupons


Lovable Labels Canada
LovableLabels coupons

Curiosity Box
Curiosity Box coupons

Babies and Bows
Babies and Bows coupons

Mamba Bikes

Food & Drink

The Sweet Basket Canada
TheSweetBasket coupons

Teasparrow Canada
Tea Sparrow coupons

Gift with a Basket
Giftwithabasket coupons

Ely Products Canada

Monthly Clubs Canada
MonthlyClubs coupons

A Spice Above
A Spice Above coupons

Sports & Outdoors

Canadian Icons

Live Out There
LiveOutThere coupons

Billabong coupons

Parts Engine
PartsEngine coupons

Ashworth Golf Canada

Adidas Golf
Adidas Golf coupons


Amanda May
Amanda May coupons

Body Wrap Shapewear
BodyWrap coupons

Christine Lingerie
Christine Lingerie coupons

Dear Bowie Canada
Dear Bowie Coupons


Kate Hewko

Jewlr Canada
Jewlr coupons

Brilliant Earth

Maison Birks Canada
Birks coupons


Amazing Clubs
AmazingClubs coupons

Canaflora Canada
Canaflora coupons

Travelex Canada

Morphsuits Canada


Petbling Canada

Classy Pet Shop

This Counts
This Counts coupons


The Beaver Box

Jules Wellness Subscription Box

Dr Grab

Exponet coupons

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