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November 23

Free Portable North Pole Santa Videos Now Live!

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Free Portable North Pole Santa Videos Now Live!

Each year for the last few years, we’ve mentioned the Santa videos from Portable North Pole. These are free personalised videos, where Santa and his elves send a cute video message to your little ones. And just this week, they’ve reactivated the free video messages for Christmas 2014!

On the above page, you just pop in a few details such as your child’s name, age and interests, and they’ll make you the free personalised Santa video. When you’ve made it, they instantly send you a link to your email so you have it saved to watch later… or to tell your little one that Santa has emailed mommy! That’s what I did last year, and I was then plagued every single day to go and read Santa’s email and watch the video, again and again. My daughter was 3 years old, and was fascinated at the time. I haven’t yet shown her this year’s video, I’ll be doing it very soon!

While the above service is totally free, there are some premium options upon which you can spend some money. A premium video is only $3.99, and the unlimited holiday pass is $9.99.

In the free option, there’s one storyline, but there are 3 to choose from in the premium video. I think this might make a little more sense for slightly older kids who could recognise that the video is almost the same as the one they received last year. It might be nice to vary it up a little bit. If you are intending on buying something from, then make sure to hit up our coupon page here. There’s a currently active coupon code which gives you a 10% discount on any digital purchases.

On another related and fun note, check out the NORAD Santa tracker. On that site, you can track Santa’s progress around the world on Christmas Eve… it’s good fun and maybe a good incentive to get the kids to bed! It doesn’t become active until the 1st of December though, so check back on it then.

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November 23

Half Price Children’s Costumes @ Chapters Indigo Online

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Half Price Children’s Costumes @ Chapters Indigo Online

While browsing round the Chapters Indigo site to see if I could spot any bargains, I came across this deal on children’s costumes on the clearance pages. Select costumes have been reduced by up to 50% in a post-Halloween sale, and there are a number of great bargains to be had!

There aren’t a huge number of outfits available in the sale, but there are some popular characters in there which you may have heard of such as Captain America and Rocket Racoon.


Stock seems really limited, so if you are interested in any of these costumes, then buy them right now. It’s a perfect time to add one year to your kid’s age and get them a budget costume for next Halloween. It’s free shipping on any order of $25 or more.

Some items, such as this cute baby costume, the Pinky Winky, states that it is on “re-order online.” This should mean it will be coming back into stock. If you’re interested in those that are on re-order, bookmark the page and be sure to check back again.

I love the Captain America ones and even my 4 year old daughter would love those too! She goes to an after-school club and sometimes I walk in to find her dressed up in a muscly Iron Man or Captain America outfit, just like the above. She loves them! I’d much prefer to buy her that type of costume than a stereo-typical pink one each and every year. This Halloween, she and I both dressed up as Elphaba, the green-faced witch from Wicked. We looked great!

P.S. If you’re buying any other full-priced items online @ Chapters Indigo today (the 23rd November 2014), make sure to apply the coupon code HOLIDAYCHEER for a 25% discount on one item.

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November 23

Columbia Shredinator Jacket Was $160 Now $80 & Free Shipping @!

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Columbia Shredinator Jacket Was $160 Now $80 & Free Shipping @!

Any Moosers on the hunt for a new jacket? There’s a great half-price deal on this men’s Columbia Shredinator Jacket from Sportchek Canada’s online store. Regularly priced at $179.99, you can grab it for only $79.99 just now.

Use Sportchek promotional code AFS4913 which gives you free shipping on any order of $49 or more. Usually, you only get free shipping on a $99 spend, so if you are buying this item on its own, make sure to use the coupon code to save $9.95 on your regular shipping costs.

A quick blurb to tell you about what kind of jacket you’re getting:

This waterproof, insulated jacket has all kinds of powder-friendly features to keep you toasty and dry on the slopes, or wherever your winter excursions take you.

It sounds like it’s a nice and warm, waterproof coat.

While the title of this item is “Columbia Shredinator Jacket Mens,” I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t have to be used by any particular gender. It’s quite a nice jacket and I think it could be worn by either men or women. The only issue I’d foresee with this would be chest sizing. As it’s a men’s jacket, the chest won’t exactly be custom-fitted to the larger-bodiced ladies… but for someone like me, that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve only got a handful, so they’d fit in just fine. Columbia Shredinator Jacket Was $160 Now $80 & Free Shipping @!

As for the colour choice, I’m only picturing the black and blue in the image above. In those colours, the jacket is available in a plethora of sizes so you should have a good choice there. However, the jacket also comes in red but it’s only available in size 2XL. If you want the red and that sizes fits, then fire away!

If you did buy the Columbia Shredinator Jacket and you weren’t enamoured with the colour or the fit, you can return or exchange it at your local Sportchek store, which is very handy.

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November 23

The Source Canada: Canon Pixma Photo Printer Was $50 Now $20 & Free Shipping!

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 11:02 AM

The Source Canada: Canon Pixma Photo Printer Was $50 Now $20 & Free Shipping!

If you’re on the lookout for a budget printer, consider the great price on this Canon Pixma IP2700 Photo Printer which is currently on sale in The Source outlet sale. Originally priced at $49.99, it’s now only $19.99! That’s a steal. The Source Canada: Canon Pixma Photo Printer Was $50 Now $20 & Free Shipping!

How to get free shipping: make sure that once you add the above Canon printer to your shopping cart, you apply The Source coupon code TS499 which gets free shipping on ANY order (well, a $4.99 discount on any shipping fees). With this free shipping coupon code from The Source,the coupon code should work on anything, in case it’s not just this printer you want to purchase.  Here’s some basic info about this particular model:

  • 7 black pages or 4.8 colour pages per minute
  • 4800 x 1200 print resolution
  • Auto Photo Fix II
  • 12 months warranty

I googled for reviews of this Canon Pixma IP2700 and Amazon was the first result, of course. They have a number of consumer reviews on this particular model, but they’re not very high (mostly 2 to 4 stars). Obviously for $20, you’re not going to get the most amazing printer in the entire world, you DO pay for what you get.

If you’re thinking of using this printer a fair bit, then make sure you check for the price of inks in the future. It’s likely that they will cost more than the printer itself! That’s pretty common with these basic entry-level printers, so keep it in mind. But, if you just need a cheap printer for some really basic tasks, this Canon printer could be just the ticket.

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November 23 $20 off $50 Coupon Code!

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM $20 off $50 Coupon Code!

Last week here, I wrote about a deal via and Facebook, in which you could claim a $20 off $50 coupon code in celebration of the Raptors win. And this week, they’ve launched the promo again – this time it is for the Ottawa Senators win! Again, you can get a unique $20 off $50 coupon code to spend on

When you enter your details on the above Facebook page, they will instantly show you the $20 off $50 coupon code to use on It states that it’s for new accounts only, but the coupon codes also appear to work on existing accounts – you shouldn’t have any issues applying it as you go through checkout.

Everything on’s site comes with free shipping, so there is potential for some nice deals here. The general consensus on the Bargainmoose team is that the regular prices of deals on are not amazing, but when you add the likes of a $20 coupon code and you’ve also got free shipping, then there is definitely some good deal potential to be had.

Some examples of offers on the site just now:

I’ve ordered from a few times, and I’m very happy with past orders. In fact, I have a few items sitting in my present cupboard which will be made us of in the upcoming Christmas festivities!

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November 23

NerfN-Strike Strongarm 2-Pack Was $20 now $15 & Free Shipping @!

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 8:14 AM

NerfN Strike Strongarm 2 Pack Was $20 now $15 & Free Shipping @!

ALERT! ALERT! Potential Christmas present alert! Over in the clearance section at, they’ve got a deal on the 2 pack of these NerfN-Strike Strongarm blasters. They were originally priced at $19.92 but they’re now only $15 with free shipping to your home.

These would be an ideal Christmas pressie for some kids… I know that my 7 year old nephew would love these. I’m not going to buy them though as I know he already has some Nerf equipment so I wouldn’t want to double up on it. But for a 2 pack of blasters, this is an excellent price from Walmart. That’s only $7.50 per gun.

Now, as these are in the clearance section at Walmart, I don’t expect this deal to last very long. We’ve been posting a few items from their clearance sales and they tend to sell out fairly fast.

At other Canadian online stores, I’ve found the same gun at higher prices, albeit for only one Nerf gun. You can pick one up for $18 @ Toys R Us, $32.50 @, so paying only $15 for TWO Nerf guns from Walmart is really excellent. I did spot single ones for only $6.79 here at London Drugs, but you’d have to pay $13.58 plus $9.95 shipping to get two of them, working out quite a bit more expensive.

The Nerf guns have some good reviews on the Walmart site. Even though the age range says 9-12 years, the first reviewer says that her 2 and 4 year old love them! The reviews seem pretty sound though, such as:

Bought this on sale and play it all the time at home. Good speed to the shots

Nerf is such a popular brand… if you need a Christmas pressie for some young’uns, this could be just the ticket.

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November 23

Oral-B Professional Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Was $190 now $100 @ (Black Friday Deals Week) & Possible Further $20 Back

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 6:52 AM

Oral B Professional Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Was $190 now $100 @ (Black Friday Deals Week) & Possible Further $20 Back

In the ongoing spend-fest that is the countdown to Black Friday @, they’ve had some really super deals and todays is no exception. For one day only, you can pick up the white Oral-B Professional Care Smart Series 5000 Rechargeable Power Toothbrush with Smart Guide at a great price. Originally costing $189.99, it’s now only $99.99 with free shipping.

In terms of the prices elsewhere, this very same toothbrush is currently on sale for $140 @ Londondrugs, and even more at other stores (such as $215 @, $140 @ and $175 @ Walmart).

UPDATE: there’s also a mail-in rebate for a potential further $20 cash back when you buy this item. See the form here. Just make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions on the rebate and fill in all your details accordingly.

Reviews on Amazon are extremely positive too. This Oral-B toothbrush gets 40 five star ratings and only a small handful of customers scoring it less than that. For example:

Good performance. Nice looking. Good quality brush.

This is my first oral B electric toothbrush. I decided to go with this after a friend purchased one and was amazed at the qualtiy difference.

Who would spend a hundred bucks on a toothbrush, I hear you ask? I WOULD! A few years back, I just used a regular toothbrush using the muscles from my own arms to clean my teeth. Now I’ve become far more advanced and I use a battery operated toothbrush, taking away all the effort, so I just need to sit and vegetate while my teeth go sparkly.

But joking aside, when I used an electric toothbrush for the first few times, I noticed a huge difference in how clean my teeth felt. You know where you run your tongue across your teeth after you’ve been to the hygienist and you can feel how clean they are? That’s how mine feel every time I electronically brush! I really recommend investing in an electric toothbrush like this one.

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November 22 Pre-Black Friday Sale Now On!

Posted by on November 22, 2014 at 1:20 PM Pre Black Friday Sale Now On!

While popping over to our wonderful Black Friday deals dashboard and doing a bit of work on updating you with all the latest deals and steals, I spotted that has launched a series of “pre” Black Friday deals. Their Black Friday page was previously blank, but they’ve loaded it up with some offers before their big sale event on the 28th. Here is the info:

On the above link, you can scan down the page and see all the offers. As one might expect from Walmart, there are offers on many product ranges, from TVs to toasters. A few highlights, I’ll just list some of those which I’ve price compared and I think they’re good bargains:

Hey! Those all come with free shipping too!

I’d love one of those NutriBullets, but I don’t have any room left in my little kitchen for any more appliances. I’ve been trying to eat healthily for a few weeks, and the image on the Nutribullet makes me think that it will magically assist me to a more healthy diet!

The Elite mop looks really good too… I have a few tiled and wooden floors throughout my house which just seem to attract dust like mad. I’d also like one of those.

Note: Do your due diligence

If you spot an item in the Walmart pre-Black Friday sale that catches your interest and I haven’t yet mentioned it in the post above, make sure you do a price comparison before buying. For example, the SONY a5000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm lens – ILCE5000LB which we mentioned here a few days ago was on offer for $348, but it’s the same price at FutureShop and BestBuy. So, it isn’t exactly a hot bargain from Walmart any more, as those other stores have matched the price now too. Or, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 which is $178 but it’s around $179 at almost every other store anyway.

I’m looking forward to the Walmart sales event on Black Friday itself, I hope for some super bargains!

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November 17

Half Price Jupiter Traditional Dollhouse & Furniture & Extra $10 Off With Sears Coupon (~$64.99)

Posted by on November 17, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Half Price Jupiter Traditional Dollhouse & Furniture & Extra $10 Off With Sears Coupon (~$64.99)

I was browsing for some toy ideas on Sears, and I spotted a great price on this Jupiter Traditional Dollhouse which also comes with a set of furniture. It’s a half price offer, down from $149.99 to $74.99!

And what is even sweeter is that there is a Sears toy coupon which gets you $10 off a $75 spend – it is 941612854. Now, I know that the above doll’s house is one penny short of the minimum threshold for that coupon code, so I’d recommend popping something small into your shopping cart to take advantage of the extra $10 saving.

The full terms and conditions of the aforementioned Sears coupon code are here on this page, so make sure you read the small print before popping another item in to your shopping cart.

Or, if you really want to, make your cart up to the $99 mark and avail of the free shipping from Sears. That’s likely to be your best bet – that’ll save you on shipping costs too.

I tried to find some low value toys to make up the extra penny. You’ll have to add a toy that doesn’t end in .88 or .97. Here are a few ideas:

If you spot something else, let us know in the comments below.

Here’s the part you need to watch out for – adult assembly required. If you’re buying this as a Christmas gift for your little one, I really recommend building it well before the big day. If you leave the building until Christmas Eve, you might find a problem or be unable to build it correctly, then you’d be stuck! Build it sometime sooner to make sure everything is in tip-top shape and there are no disappointments on Christmas Day. I ordered a slightly different doll house for my daughter last week, and that’s just what I will be doing.

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November 16

Garage Clothing: Totally Free Shipping, 40% off Outerwear, 30% Off Sweaters & More

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Garage Clothing: Totally Free Shipping, 40% off Outerwear, 30% Off Sweaters & More

Just a short while ago, Garage Clothing just updated their website to show that you can now get free shipping on ANY order, there’s no minimum order value! This deal is good through to Christmas, so it’s a great time to treat yourself or even buy a few gifts for other people. I simply LOVE free shipping with no minimum!

And what’s even hotter than free shipping, is the fact that it works with many of the offers that are occurring on the Garage site right now too – stack a few of the deals together to make even better bargains!

For example:

With free shipping on any order, let me pull out a few individual bargains for you to glance at:

With our exclusive coupon code BARGAINMOOSE15, you can get an extra 15% off all denim and fashion on the Garage Clothing site. If you’re going to make use of this coupon code on some items, just be careful. The 15% exclusive coupon code does not stack on top of the other promos, so it may make some items more expensive. For example, the above deal on sweaters for 30% off – you’re better to take advantage of that deal rather than our 15% coupon code. But if there are full-priced items on site, the 15% code might work out to be the best deal. As it is totally free shipping on any order, then just place separate orders using the promotions that work out to be the best value for you.

There is also a Garage contest happening here, where you have the chance to win a grand prize of $1,000 worth of Garage must-haves. That sounds like a fab contest – feel free to enter if you are interested.

(Free shipping expiry: 24th December 2014)

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November 16

Sony Bluetooth NFC Headphones Were $100+ Now $50 & Free Shipping @ Future Shop

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Sony Bluetooth NFC Headphones Were $100+ Now $50 & Free Shipping @ Future Shop

If you’re on the lookout for some new headphones, then consider the deal on these white Sony DRBTN200W over-ear NFC / bluetooth headphones from Future Shop Canada. You can pick up these futuristic-looking bad boys for only $49.95 and that comes with free shipping to your home!

These Sony headphones say “Limited Quantity Available” on Future Shop’s site, so I don’t know how long this deal will last. If you like the look of this headphones deal, grab a set while you can. If you know someone who likes their music, these could be a neat Christmas gift.

In doing a price comparison, I think these headphones are a slightly older model, but they are still selling at a number of other online Canadian retailers. For example, they’re $107 @ CDW, $120 @, $130 @ PureMobile, $130 @ The Source. Strangely enough, you can pick them up on Amazon for $84 with free shipping, but that is actually fulfilled by the aforementioned PureMobile – it’s cheaper to buy through their Amazon portal than on the PureMobile site itself. I did spot these headphones also for $50 on the Sony Canada website, but they’re not in stock anyway, so not available to buy at that price. Therefore, the deal on these headphones at Future Shop Canada is definitely far better than all the rest!

As for reviews of the Sony DRBTN200W headphones, there are a number of ratings on the Future Shop site, though not very many. The reviews do seem to be a mixed bag with some people really loving these headphones and others finding them not so comfortable. A consensus seems to be that these Sony headphones are really good value for the price. I can’t find many more reviews elsewhere, even on – which is a surprise.

In conclusion, these do seem like a great deal for the money but they probably aren’t going to be as comfortable or durable as headphones which are a few hundred bucks.

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November 16

Fringe: The Complete Series Blu-ray Was $212 | Now $69 @!

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Fringe: The Complete Series Blu ray Was $212 | Now $69 @!

Even though I posted this great Xbox One bundle deal from earlier, I found another hot deal on Amazon which I just have to share! If you’re a fan of the TV show Fringe, you can pick up the complete five season blu-ray box set for a great price. Originally $212, it’s now only $69.49 with free shipping!

The price for this TV show elsewhere online is significantly higher. It’s $159 @ Best Buy, $159 @ Future Shop, $202 @ Archambault, $148 @ Chapters. It’s not available at many places, but as you can see, the price from Amazon is superb.

Some people are of the school of thought that buying hard copies of such TV shows is pointless now that streaming services are so prolific. But, even though there is a choice of streaming services, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the shows you want will be available on there. This show IS available on Netflix if you want to check it out before buying. But if you buy the lovely box set, then you will have it at your beck and call, FOREVER!

For me personally, I love owning some box sets of select TV shows which I thought were amazing. I think that The Fringe is one of those on my top list of great TV shows, I just haven’t bought it yet. As a teenager, the X-Files was my FAVOURITE SHOW EVER and The Fringe reminded me of it quite a bit. Some of the storylines were very similar. E.g. spontaneous human combustion, telekinesis & more. And all the running round in the dark with torches? How Mulder and Scully is that?

The Fringe scores 8.5/10 on IMDB which is a really high rating. If you’ve never seen The Fringe and you like this type of fun, sci-fi/paranormal, witty show, then this could be a good choice for you.

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November 16

Get a $20 off $50 Coupon Code Now! (Facebook Required)

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Get a $20 off $50 Coupon Code Now! (Facebook Required)

Coupon codes for are quite frequent, and we see them appear on a fairly recurring basis. However, one of the highest value coupon codes we’ve ever seen is the $20 off $50. That’s exactly what they’re released today! If you like the page on Facebook and pop your email address in on the attached link, you will instantly get a unique coupon code to save you $20 on your next purchase of $50 or more.

This coupon code is in celebration of the Toronto Raptors win!

The terms and conditions on the above page state that the code is valid on your first purchase only… but I tested it out on my existing account and it worked without any problems. Additionally, if you recently received an email from Paypal about the $40 offer from, it’s stackable with this one. That was targeted customers only, so not everyone can avail of it – but you will know if you got it.

Also, first time customers on get 5x Aeroplan miles – great if you are a collector.

I’ve bought from quite a few times. In general, I find that their prices are not the hottest around, but when you apply the likes of the above coupon code to select items, you can score some very good deals.

If you’re ever shopping online @, be sure to check their coupon page here to see if there are more valid coupon codes for you to make use of!

(Expires: 31st December 2014)

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November 16

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle $399 @ & FREE Forza Horizon 2 Game TODAY ONLY (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 6:59 AM

Xbox One Assassins Creed Bundle $399 @ & FREE Forza Horizon 2 Game TODAY ONLY (EXPIRED)

If you’ve been thinking of jumping into the console waters and buying one for yourself or your family, today could be a good opportunity to do so. In the Black Friday countdown on, there’s a pretty sweet deal on an Xbox One bundle. You can get the bundle which comes with Assassin’s Creed Unity, for only $399. That’s a standard price, but for today only, they’re also throwing in a free digital copy of the video game, Forza Horizon 2.

To get your free copy of Forza Horizon 2, you just need to buy an Xbox One bundle, without Kinect. There are a few terms here if you want to scan through them. They say:

A promotion code for the game will be delivered to you via email within 2 business days of purchase.

I’ve done a bit of research to show you the how the price matches up with the competition. Everywhere else that I can see online, they’re offering the same Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One bundle for $400, such as at Microsoft, Future Shop and Best Buy. The price rises when the bundle includes Kinect, such as $580 @ Costco. So, the base price at meets the pricing standards elsewhere. But the bonus here is the FREE Forza Horizon 2.

I know it’s difficult to compare the cost of digital video games with hard copies, but I’m going to do that just to show you the value of the Forza Horizon 2 that comes with the Xbox One bundle. The game is $54 on Amazon, $65 from Bestbuy, $65 from Futureshop, $65 from Costco, $65 from Walmart, $65 from The Microsoft Store. So as you can see, it’s a top-tier game, commonly around $50 to $70 and you’re getting it free today from Amazon.

On the Amazon sale page, it also says this:

Get a 12-month Xbox Live membership for $44.99 ($15 in savings) with the purchase of a qualifying Xbox One or Xbox 360 console. Here’s how.

The above offer could be worth adding to your purchase as well.

I know that some of the Moosers are gamers and might be interested in this package. However, there are also some mom and dad Moosers who are looking for pressies like this for their older kids, so this could be a good time to buy.

(Expires 16th November 2014)

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November 13

Bear at Door

Posted by on November 13, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Well Canada Post, I think that’s a good reason not to deliver a parcel. Nice.

Bear at Door

(Via George Takei)

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