Where to Buy Fingerlings Toy Monkeys

Where to Buy Fingerlings
18 December 2017

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys are swinging off the shelves, leading experts to call them as the hottest toy of 2017. We made a list of where to buy Fingerlings Monkeys, because it's best to get yourself set ahead of the Christmas frenzy before they're all out of stock!

Where to buy Fingerlings Toy Monkeys:

*Stores will be edited as supplies last!

Dubbed the Hatchimals of 2017, these interactive toys are sure to be the next craze. The smart gadget responds to sound, motion, and touch. They can blink, nuzzle, and utter 40 different sounds from laughter, to burps, to full-on singing. They love to cuddle and adore nothing more than to curl around a finger, a pen, or even their own swing set.

They also recently launched Fingerlings Baby Unicorns! Check them out here.

There are even more possibilities, like when you blow them kisses, hang them upside down, or pet them. Pretty much endless possibilities! With some retailers already marking them up, it's a good idea to get them early and beat the rush!


  • Vero N.

    , these remind me of those little monkeys we had and you could clip them to the curtains?!? Do you remember??

  • Sheila C.

    Elsie has already been asking for one of these.

  • Sarah N.

    Theres tons at my Walmart.

    • Cynthia D.

      Ours is sold out

  • Sarah H.

    Heads up, you can buy them on the shopping channel site in packs of 2 for 39.99 (the 2 are packaged separately as if you bought 2 at any other store) :blush:

  • Laura K.

    $19 at as seen as in tv just got ours

  • Kerry R.

    . :blush:

  • Mandy O.

    Even cheaper 2 for 29! Lol

  • Julie C.

    Sold out! :disappointed:

    • Anjelica F.

      I just bought from toys r us website

    • Playpennies C.

      Awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Trisnic

    I figured out about that Fingerling 2/$30 thing on shopping channel on the weekend and got what I needed for gifts. I was wondering why they suddenly sold out. :) Fingerlings have also been in stock at Toys R Us online all day after not being in stock there for awhile. Also they have been in stock on and off at Walmart all day today. It looks like the authorized stores got new inventory.

  • Pam W.

    are these what you were talking about?

  • Ashley R.


  • Melissa C.

    I ordered from toys r us - then they cancelled my order and said they didn’t have them in stock

  • Stephanie P.

    need more?

  • Carrie M.

    Not all are in stock. Says they are but some are on back order :worried:

    • Rhonda S.

      White was available earlier

  • Kim M.

    Saw a woman trying to sell one for $50 last week. :(

  • Laura F.

    Jaxxon is so blessed to have a mommy who shops well.

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