Wants and Wishes: 20% Off Fall Sale


So this is a cool little site I found when I was planning my wedding. It came to mind again when I thought of all the weddings that people have around the Christmas and New Years season, and I thought it is a great resource for brides. Though I never ended up buying from their (which is a shame as they are located in Alberta) I did get a lot of inspiration. Right now they have a 20% off everything fall sale.

This website helped put things in perspecitve for me, it reminded me of little things like aisle runners, candle holders, wedding tiaras and just everything! This place is extensive.

My favourite catagory and what I probably spent hours looking at was their selection of place card holders. They have 126... if you can't find what you want you are.. very picky. I loved the wooden die-cut leaves and had dreams of inscribing each guest's name on each leaf and having it hang off their wine glass. Of course some people are more traditional than I in their tastes.

Hope you have fun looking at the stuff, even after getting married I could spend hours just browsing. I still want a couple of their candle holders, so pretty. Oh... and my favourite thing of ALL was and still is this cake topper: Gone Fishing! I just couldn't convince my hubby to let me put it on the wedding cake! :-D

Note: They will show their prices in every currency imaginable so make sure to click the "change currency" button and change it to CAN.

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