Costco Canada: $84.99 For $100+ Worth Of Restaurant Gift Cards

That special Valentine's Day dinner is approaching and why not do it cheaper? Costco is offering two $50 gift cards for various restaurants in large Canadian cities for only $84.99 or a dinner package worth $112.

Forget the jewelry, teddy bears, lingerie and chocolates, for me the best Valentine's gift is a nice dinner out (and it does not necessarily have to be on the busiest restaurant day of the year). This is a great deal because you save up to $27, which is probably the cost of a main course. Most of the gift cards are for major Canadian cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, but there are a few smaller cities like Guelph and Niagara Falls included.

With the two $50 gift cards you can even spend as little as you'd like because your balance stays on the card. The cards don't expire and are transferable since your name is not on them. There are no restrictions on time or date of use, either. The only caveats are that you can't use them in combination with other coupons or gift certificates and you can't redeem them for cash.

With the dinner packages, there are varying choices for food, and the certificates expire after one year. You also have to redeem them online before going to the restaurant, and book ahead. Some of the awesome restaurants that I would love to eat at include:

  • 309 Dhaba Indian Excellence in Toronto - critiqued as being "astonishingly good"
  • Provence in Vancouver - fresh local seafood
  • Kinki/Mambo in Ottawa - sushi or salsa
  • Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls - yummy dinner above the falls

Depending on which restaurant you choose, your cards will either be mailed to you in 7-10 business days or you'll get an e-certificate for printing.

Expiry: Unknown

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