25% Off @ Teleflora! (And What Those Flowers Really Mean)


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25% is really a pretty substantial discount for your flower arrangements!

Did you know that if a guy buys you certain flowers, it means certain things? You can see what type he purchases, then refer to this handy strategy guide.

Flower Interpretation Guide

Rewarded with Roses? :?:

If he gave you roses, then you’re on to a winner. This flower type involves the “bud to baby ratio”, as the scientists have named it. Your gentleman wants you to produce one of his babies for every rose you have been given. When he sends flowers, does he get you a dozen roses? Better get to it then.

Left you with Lilies? :o

Did your partner buy you some luscious lilies? If he did, he’s having doubts about his masculinity. You should encourage him with comments such as, “oh look at your lovely muscles” or “will you open this jar for me as you are a manly man and I’m a tiny little woman?

Came with Carnations? :-P

Carnations are a sign that your man is seriously lacking in vitamins B and D. He really needs to eat more red meat. Set him up with a steak every night. And nothing else. We’re talking the Atkin’s diet here, but ONLY with steaks. You can’t even give him any peppered sauce on the side, or fries, or anything. ONLY STEAK. YUM.

Tickled with Tulips? :roll:

If you’re getting tulips ladies, better start worrying. Your man is starting to get led astray by someone or something else. Is it that receptionist at work? That sexy lady at the coffee shop? That strange alien lady who abducts him on a regular basis? Time to hire a private detective.

There you have it. There are many more interpretations of floral giftometry, but these few are the most commonly received bouquets.

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