Westjet Promo Code: $5 Discount


UPDATE: There may not always be valid Westjet promo codes available, but when there are, I will post them here under Westjet deals.

This is a Westjet promo code which you can use when you are booking your flights online, to get a bit of an extra reduction on your travel costs!

Click here to use the Westjet promo code online

  • Promo Code: PCR01
  • Coupon number: CJ2IVAZ
  • Travel by: 31st May 2010

When you are on the home page at Westjet, you'll see a sentence underneath the search box, stating, "Enter Promo Code & Coupon Code." Click this, and enter the about numbers in the appropriate fields. You will see the discounted flight prices when you proceed to the next stage of checkout.

Alright, $5 isn't a major discount, but it's still better to get the discount if you're booking a Westjet flight anyway!


    this did not work for a flight for feb or march 2010.
  • habsstink
    This code doesn't work. Thanks for nothing.
    • Anna
      How rude. Companies sometimes cancel codes before the originally stated date. So THANKS for letting me know.
      • tired p.
        Anna thanks for the promo code and please ignore "habsstink" cause the truth is that cheap bastard used the code that you put up and then instead of being appreciative was a complete f%$^#n asshole!
  • T.
    Didn't work for a flight on May 30 unfortunately.
  • WestJet E.
    These promo codes are intended for a specific use they were not intended to be widely distributed by sites like this. Very unfortunate that sites like this exist.
    • David M.
      It's very unfortunate you take the above view. The internet is here to stay and you and your organization best learn how to adapt or go the way of the dodo.
  • Fred
    WOW! WestJet Employee's comments really make me want to fly with them!! Yeah right! What is $5 really going to matter if a company is as great as WestJet think they are. Air Canada here I come!!
  • Frequent F.
    These codes may be "intended" for a specifc use, but if, as your advertisements state, you "CARE", and are owners, perhaps give us a better deal and not price fix with Air Canada on similar routes.
  • James
    I feel a little sorry for WestJet here - don't get me wrong, I'm trying to find a coupon code for myself.. But I guess they're going to need to expect the coupon codes to be used this way.. But I feel for them as airlines are small-margin industries. I'm VERY difficult to make a profit in their industry. Anyway, they'll figure it out. (PS - I have no association with them, just some guy with a thoughtful opinion)

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