Westjet Promo Code: 20% Off Select Flights


(Bump with new Westjet promo code)

Oh I found another one! This time it's a promo code for Westjet flights. It's for a 20% discount on selected destinations in Canada.

Click here to use the Westjet promo code online

  • Promo code: PCR23 PCR25
  • Coupon Code: EHK20WX T3XEQGO
  • Discount: 20% off select flights
  • Expires: 12th April 2010
  • Travel by: 15th December 2010

Sadly there are only a few flight options available, but hopefully if you needed to book one of those destinations anyway, then this promo code will save you a few bucks. It seems all the airlines are jumping on the coupon code bandwagon this weekend, following my posts for both Air Canada and Porter Air.

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