Via Rail Canada: 50% Off Adult Fares

17 June 2011

If you've always wanted to take a trip on Via Rail, now's the time to book! You can save 50% off adult fares in any class for travel anywhere that Via Rail travels. You must book your trip by 24th June, 2011 for travel until 30th September, 2011.

To get your 50% off discount, you must book either Economy - Supersaver Fare or Business - Discounted Fare.

If you are booking for your family, Via Rail allows kids under 2 to travel for free and children ages 2-11 also save 50% off adult fare.

Some sample routes and fares:

  • Toronto - Vancouver $394
  • Toronto - Jasper $324.50
  • Montreal - Halifax $114.50
  • Toronto - Montreal $67
  • Montreal - Quebec City $34.50

I think the best trip would be through the Rockies. I don't think I could do a cross Canada journey, but I bet the trip from Calgary - Jasper would be full of amazing scenery!

(Expires 24th June, 2011)

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  • Kim D.
    Would be a great sale if it was really 50% off!! Ottawa to Toronto return regular $155, with the sale $144....WHAT??? Called to complain and it's only regular fair tickets that are on sale NOT supersaver. This looked like a great sale but Via is actually just getting people to ay more for the reg economy tickets. Unless you normally travel that way, not worth it!!!
  • Anna
    Well, always worth comparing your options Kim.
  • Kim D.
    I searched and searched. $144 is the cheapest. What they did is took the reg fare and took 50% off that (it's regular $288 aprox.). But here's the catch.... the difference between reg fare and supersaver is that you can exchange the ticket up to departing and get your money back. For that service you pay extra for the ticket. For supersaver you only get a little money back. Now because this is a special sale there are no refunds!! So you get 50% off the ticket that only costs more because you can get a refund if plans change (same seat no other extras that I see) but because it's a sale you can't get a refund!!! So this is the same as the supersaver, except with supersaver you actually get a little money back and don't have to book as early. So esentually your saving $10 not the 50% they claim! Total Scam in my eyes!!!

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