VIA Rail Canada: $25 Fares Between Quebec & Ontario; 25% Off Long Haul Trips

7 December 2013


The best way to travel in Canada for less is with Via Rail!

I know it's a little short notice for the 25% off deal, because deciding if you are going to from Halifax to Vancouver on the train is kind of a big decision. However, $25 fare in the corridor (Quebec to Ontario, basically) is a little easier to decide on with such short notice. You can see all the $25 fares on the first link up there, but it includes places like Toronto to Montreal, Quebec City to Montreal, Ottawa to Montreal and Toronto to Windsor. For both sales, the tickets have to be used by 28th February 2014.

For me, train travel is the best way to move around the country. I don't normally get all touchy-feely on any given subject, but trains are special to me. There is just something about stretching out in that seat and watching the country go by. You get to see cities, villages, forest-scapes and so many other great sights that you would miss in the car or on a plane. The entrance into Halifax, for example, takes about an hour, but for most of that hour you are treated to an amazing art show. The graffiti artists who practice their art on the cliffs and bridges along the way are amazing. You even get to see mobile art from the people who have done graffiti on CN Rail cars.

I've seen a graffiti artist with a paint roller on a telescopic handle painting white over another work, probably preparing a fresh canvas for whatever he was doing next. I even saw a shipment of some small armored vehicle painted in desert camo, likely destined for a ship to Afghanistan.

I love traveling by train and I'm sure you will too with $25 corridor tickets or 25% off your long haul economy seats.

(Expires: 9th December 2013)

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  • Anna W.
    I was pricing for a pregnant friend to go from Montreal to Winnipeg... then realised it was a day and a half on the train.... quite a trip!

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