Toronto/Iceland/Amsterdam ~ $600 Return @ (Sep/Oct 2015, Includes All Fees!) * HOT *

Some of us love to travel. But travelling can be very pricey, especially when you have European destinations in mind. We’ve just spotted an amazing deal for some European flights via Iceland’s national airline, Icelandair. This fall, you can book a flight from Toronto, to Amsterdam in the Netherlands for around $600 return, and this includes a free stopover in Iceland if you wish!

This deal will require a little research on your part, I can only do so much for you, you know. :) The travel dates need to be during September and October 2015.

Firstly, use the Google Explore Flights tool here to try and find the lowest air prices on your chosen dates. You can see from the graph below that September flights are very cheap:


Then, head back to the Icelandair website and choose some dates, trying to find the cheapest prices for you. But here’s the kicker – Icelandair have a policy that you can have a stopover of up to 7 days, at no extra cost! Make sure you click on the “Stopover/Return from another city” checkbox when you are searching on the Icelandair site, and put in your chosen airports and dates. Here’s a sample search which I performed, showing you a flight in September from Toronto to Reykjavik for a few days, then on to Amsterdam and home to Toronto again.


The total price was only $603 including all taxes, fees and charges – this is an amazing price for a flight to Europe, never mind the free stopover in Iceland! If you are interested, I would highly recommend getting your booking in as soon as possible. The deal will only be available as long as there are free seats on the Icelandair flights, so get in there!

When I first came across this deal, I was using Firefox, my default browser of choice. However, I was having troubles getting the locations and dates to load on the flight search page, so I switched over to Opera. You may have to do the same if you’re having any trouble.

I’ve been to both Iceland and the Netherlands, so I found this deal extremely interesting. See the Icelandic spa in the picture below? I've been there and it was AMAZING! Please let me know in the comments below if you make a booking!

(Expires: Unknown)


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