Red Robin Canada: Free Birthday Burgers (AB & BC)


If you sign up to the Red Robin e-club online, they will give you a juicy reward on your birthday! Here’s what they say:

Join the Red Robin eClub and receive a gift just for signing up, a FREE burger on your birthday and all the latest Red Robin news! It's easy! Just enter your birthday and click "Join the Fun."

When choosing a location, only Alberta and British Columbia are in the drop down list, so it looks like it’s only applicable to those provinces right now.

Hopefully, as well as the freebie on your birthday, they’ll send out other good coupons throughout the year.


  • Sandy
    I have entered my name for a gourmet burger for my birthday and did not receive one.
    • Anna W.
      Hi Sandy. Please contact Red Robin to let them know!
  • Earl B.
    My old email address was ***** I am a member of the birthday club. Could you change the email and forward me my birthday free burger. Thank you, Earl
    • Anna W.
      As above, please contact Red Robin - that's not us! Thanks :)
  • shahnaz
    I am having a hard time submitting my e-club form for a free birthday burger thx
    • shahnaz
      i have submitted for a free birthday burger but didn't get a respond.Then i went to red robin in metro-town and the manager had no clue??? and gave me a card to calll ... then i phoned red robin head office and i was told to apply on line or join the royalty club and still didn't help me pls.... my birthday is long gone. thx
      • Anna W.
        There's nothing we can do shahnaz... contact Red Robin themselves please :)
  • Birthday g.
    No going to fall for the false birthday promises. Going to eat somewhere else
  • beverly
    I did not get my birthday burger last year and have not received it this year either.
    • Anna W.
      You should contact Red Robin bev :)
  • Darlene P.
    Want to sign up for my free Birthday burger on Sept.1st. My husband receives one. We were in Red Robin for dinner this evening & they didn't have any forms--told me to fill one in online, but unable to do so. Please get in contact with me. Much appreciated Kind Regards, Darlene Popp
    • Anna W.
      Darlene,please contact Red Robin! Thanks :)
  • barb@ted T.
    Please change email address from *** to *** thanks
    • Anna W.
      Please contact Red Robin :)
  • Confused
    Why do people keep posting here on as if they're talking directly to Red Robin? Is this like an elaborate joke?
    • Anna W.
      Nope, people think we are Red Robin....
  • Sue
    went on eClub and registered for a Birthday Burger - no response - would not save - entered the same info 3 times and gave up . It was not a very motivating website to use and not impressed Thanks Sue
  • Amy
    I am trying to sign up for this, but it says "This field cannot be left blank" for my last name, when I've filled it in. Have there been other problems with this?
    • Amy
      Ah... for other people with this problem, last names with a space in them are not recognized. I used my incorrect last name. I've removed the prefix.
  • Dwight G.
    I joined up for the burger club but it days I'm already joined It's my b day and I was going to take my friends there today for a supper party Is there any way u can send me the free burger now? Ty in advance Dwight
  • augustus l.
    I didn't receive my free birthday burger coupon. And my birthday is over . Tried to register on line again , it said I am a member already. Anyone can tell me what's going on.
  • Anna W.
    Everyone above, please contact RedRobin. We are not that company,
  • Diane H.
    I did not receive my birthday coupon. I have been with this club for many years. My birthday is February 05 2016. Thank you Diane
    • Anna W.
      Hi Diane! Please contact red robin.

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