Porter Airlines: Up to 40% Off Base Flights

8 January 2013

Porter Airlines is offering up to 40% off base flight costs for flights in Eastern Canada.

For us Western-ers, we are out of luck. Porter Airlines is only in Eastern Canada (and the upper part of the States). However, for those living in the East - they have some great discounts. The following prices include all taxes and fees.

  • Toronto to New York - $143
  • Montreal to Boston - $188
  • New York (Newark) to Toronto - $76!!!!
  • St. John's to Montreal - $182

And many more deals. If you live in the East, upper Eastern US, or in the Maritime region - this is a great company to keep an eye on.

Travel by June 26, 2013.

Expiry: 10th January 2013 11:59 pm Eastern Time

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