Orbitz Canada Coupon Code: Save 20% On Your Hotel Stay

14 October 2014


Are you planning to stay at a hotel sometime before March 31st, 2015? If the answer is a resounding "yes", then you should definitely check out this coupon code that you can use at Orbitz! You can usually save a fair amount of money by booking your hotel on the Orbitz website, but with this coupon code you can save an extra 20% - even on 1 night stays! This coupon code expires on October 16th, so take advantage of this deal while you still can!

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  • Coupon Code: OUTTAHERE
  • Discount: 20% Off
  • Expiry: 16th October 2014

If you use this coupon code before October the 16th, you can save 20% on your hotel stay as long as it's booked on any date before March 31st. 2015.

Whether you're planning to head to the city for a night out on the town, or if you're heading to the US for a roadtrip, this coupon code can really come in handy. It helps to save some extra money, especially when it's this easy to do so!

If you want to have a fun night with your friends, or if you want to take your significant other out for a nice overnight stay, then this deal should definitely pique your interest. It can make that hotel stay that much more affordable. Plus, I personally love going for a swim at certain hotel pools (I typically trust hotels with at least a 3-and-a-half star rating to properly maintain their pools), and it's always fun when you're at a location that's near plenty of great restaurants, so you don't have to bother ordering a cab or driving your vehicle when you're leaving your hotel.

This coupon code will expire on October 16th, so take advantage of this great deal while you still can. It's also important to remember that prices on Orbitz are all in US funds. I hope you all have a great day today, Bargainmoosers!

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  • Paul
    Where do you enter this code? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I took it to the booking page.
    • Anna W.
      Hi Paul. It's right on the very first page of Orbitz, before you even search for your booking. There's a field for "I have a promo code"

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