Joey’s Restaurant: Free Coupons & Birthday Offers! (EXPIRED)

If you want to check out the Joey’s Only seafood website, you might find some juicy offers! You can join their email club and they send you special discounts from time to time.

Click here to join the Joeys Mariners Club online

Once you join Joeys seafood, you are asked if you want to fill out a survey to get a special offer. I filled out the survey, it only took a minute. This is what the free coupon states:

Print this coupon and bring it into any Joey's Only Seafood Restaurant to receive a FREE Famous 2 Piece Fish & Chips with purchase of a 2 Piece Fish & Chips!

You have to show ID at the time of purchase at the Joeys restaurant. As the coupon states the name which you provided earlier, you should fill in your details accordingly (I mean don’t fill in fake details, as they are printed on the coupon). The coupon is only valid for about a week from when you request it, so make sure you are going to use it. BOGO free on Joeys fish and chips is quite nice!

If you’re in the Joey’s Mariners club, you also get a great coupon on your birthday. It’s worth a percentage discount off your whole meal, up to 25%! For example, if you are 18, you get 15% discount on the meal, 25 year olds or more get 25% discount. That’s a great offer too, so definitely worth being on the mailing list for.

I am a huge fan of seafood. I love everything, from oysters to octopi!! As a teenager, I didn’t enjoy seafood as much, but my time in Australia changed me for the better. As I worked for a few months in an “all you can eat” seafood buffet restaurant, I had to get used to the sights and smells of the Fruits de la Mer. I ended up loving it! In the restaurant, staff were not allowed to eat the oysters from the buffet bar, as they were too expensive. But on my last night working there, I sneaked a few into the kitchen and gobbled them down with some Tabasco and lemon juice. Yumtastic! I am still undecided on their aphrodisiac properties though… I’ll have to do more testing before I come to a conclusion.

Thanks Allerina & Glen MacLarty.


  • Lynne K.
    I live in Saskatoon, SK. We went to Joey's last night and were bitterly disappointed to find that the Bourbon beans had been eliminated from the menu. This is one of the highlights of dinner because they are absolutely delicious! I know of no other restaurant in all of Saskatoon that serves it, and we go to quite a few restaurants. While eating, we overheard the table next to ours also express disappointment for the lack of the bean side dish. PLEASE bring them back.
    • Anna W.
      Lynne, you'll need to write to Joeys, not us :)
  • Alice L.
    I love Joey's Only and tried to sign up for Joey's Only's Mariners Club but haven't found where to sign-up. I am 75 and love to go out with friends to eat.
  • Evelyn B.
    I belong to the mariners Club but have not received my coupon for my birthday as yet this year. I usually get it in advance. My birthday is Jan. 29th. Are you still sending them out?
    • Anna W.
      Hi Evelyn, please contact the restaurant directly, that's not us :)
  • Irene
    Went on website a couple of times to join the Mariners Club that offered a free meal on your birthday, However, it keeps telling me the site is not available. Thanks for an offer that is not accessible
    • Anna W.
      Irene, this deal was written in 2009 and is no longer available.

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