Have You Seen These Abusive Balloons!?

What!? Abusive Balloons?
8 March 2016

You have probably seen these abusive balloons while scrolling through your Facebook news feed. There is no doubt about it - they are a combination of hilarious and offensive. Would you buy something like this as a gag gift? If you were thinking of buying them as a joke, you will notice that they are hard to find in Canada. I found them in a UK Etsy shop with reasonable prices and shipping rate. You can have a pack of your own abusive balloons for as little as $12.71 CAD. Shipping varies.

Of course, some of these balloons have language that is too colourful to type here. By browsing through the Etsy shop you can understand what I am saying. Some of them are pretty hilarious though. I think I would buy the "Old Cow" as a joke for my grandmother for sure. That is her type of humour too. Speaking of humour, I would make sure the gift recipient has a good sense of humour before you hand them a some of these balloons blown up.

Shipping rates will vary a little bit. For the most part, within Canada it looks like the shipping costs are just over $6. Most of the balloons are $12.71 for a pack of thirteen depressing party balloons. The balloons are only available in black with white writing, but I still think their message is pretty clear.

Moosers, what do you think of these balloons?

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  • Dale B.

    Awesome !

  • Natalie H.

    we need these

    • Stacey C.

      Yes we need them asap lol.

  • Kara F.

    Hell ya!!

  • Stacey S.

    reminds me of you!

    • Nola L.

      Haha that's awesome!

  • Becky A.


    • Emma G.

      I want these!!! Lol

  • sue1907

    Not appreciating the photo that you chose to post - my young teen sometimes comes to this site (or did) to look for deals.  If "Of course, some of these balloons have language that is too colourful to type here", why would you put it right in the image?

    • Wayne1973

      Ha, I knew someone would complain about the image. Pretty sure teenagers have seen worse.

    • Astrogal

      I appreciate your sensitivities as a parent. I am a mother, too. However, I am sure that any young teen is already intimately familiar with that word, whether they have heard it at home, at school, in movies, on YouTube, or any countless number of places. My daughter is 10 years old and she knows the word, and has for a number of years now. I daresay my husband and I use it ourselves in front of her many times. She just takes it in stride. She knows it, but she knows better than to use it. I think the balloons are hilarious, BTW!

  • Sarah K.

    Omg I'm finding these for you, they make me laugh so hard

    • Tina T.

      Yessssssss true love! Hahaha

  • Katrina S.

    where do i get em?

  • Nikki L.


  • Keiko P.

    No never, too negative and rude for moi, my opinion.

  • Bryana M.


  • Maxime L.

    deco ideas for work lol

  • Vanessa D.

    je veux ca! Ahahahah

  • Marjolaine T.

    c'est votre genre ol me semble!

    • Camille P.


    • Annie G.

      Haha Messant!!

  • Nikki L.

    I NEED these! BADLY.

  • Kelly M.

    Omg this is amazing

  • Heidi R.


  • Katherine A.


  • Heather H.


  • Merry M.

    lmao I need these in my life!!!

  • sue1907

    So?  Of course she has seen the word - she is 13 after all, I just don't think it needed to be one of the images chosen for this ad.

    • pamr

      I completely agree with you, sue1907, a more family-friendly pic could have been used

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