Toronto Zoo Coupons: Free Child Admission (Saves $12)!

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, you can come too, too, too…

Pay for a general admission into Toronto Zoo, and you can get a child entrance for free! That’s a saving of $12 - quite good!

Check out the Toronto Zoo website for opening times and more info.

And print out your free online coupon for Toronto Zoo here.

This free coupon will expire on the 31st of August 2009. So make a note of it, and if you’d rather make use of the deal when the weather starts to get a little warmer, just print out the coupon when you need it. It says it is 1 coupon per child, so if you are 2 adults and 2 kids, just print the coupon out twice and bring them with you.

Speaking of zoos, the best zoo I have ever been to in my life belonged to the late and great Steve Iwin – Australia Zoo. Regardless if you like the man or if he gives you an excruciating pain in the head, he did a lot for conservation and for animal welfare. The zoo itself was so large, open, the animals had tons of space, and were incredibly well looked after. The animal shows were pretty fun too – never before have I heard the crunch of bone as a crocodile’s jaw snaps shut on its dinner!

Thanks wAlanb.


  • Joey
    Not a valid coupon unless you have National Ballet Nutcracker tickets to show with coupon. See end of legal line - "Nutcracker offer"
  • Tara
    It doesn't actually say is for the cashiers use..
  • Anna
    Has anyone successfully used it?
  • Hemang
    I used it successfully yesterday.... It works..... Enjoy without worrying anything
  • Anna
    Excellent Hemang, thanks for letting us know!
  • Were z.
    We're heading to the Toronto Zoo this weekend and was wondering if this coupon will work for sure? I've read elsewhere that ppl have been denied using it. As well is the Zoo Mobile worth it or the great barrier reef? We've never been and don't even know what all we should pack to take with us inside. (mostly drinks for our 5yr old) Thanks
  • Anna
    If you're going anyway, then bring the coupon. THe worst they can do is refuse the coupon, the best they can do is give you the discount :)
  • Pam
    Hi ! I just called The Toronto Zoo and asked them about this coupon before driving to the City and the girl told me the Ticket is VALID..... =)
  • Nani
    We used 4 of these coupons yesterday. Coupons printed on color printer at home. They accepted the coupons without the Nutcracker tickets. Thank you so much for saving us a lot of money!!!
  • phyllis
    tried to print coupon and won't let me any suggestions anyone
  • Anna
    No idea phyllis, it might be a problem on your end?
  • Michelle
    We used 2 of these coupons today at the zoo and they accepted them with no questions asked!! Thanks :)
  • Steve
    Colour laser here at work would not print the coupon...but the b&w laser would. Strange, as I was able to print a different doc to the colour laser earlier today.
  • kia
    whats i the actual price for a sunday?
  • joy
    look at the zoo website for prices.
  • marisa
    Are there any coupons for 2010? This is out of date....
    • Anna
      I'd post them if I had them :)
  • Rudina
    The coupon is expired 2009. We are in 2011. Maybe it's time to update
    • Callista
      Rudina - this is a blog... and this post was made in 2009. If there were current coupons, (and they felt like they were blog worthy) they would be posted in 2011. If a search engine brought you here, please check the posted dates at the top to make sure it's current. Us regular BargainMoosers LOVE the deals Anna, Avigayil & Jodie post everyday - we would hate it if rude comments made them stop!

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