Fountain Tire Coupon: 10% Discount!

This is a free Fountain Tire coupon which will get you a percentage discount when you buy some new tires there. While 10% isn't loads, it's better than nothing! Tires

As you can see, the free Fountain Tire coupon does not expire until the end of the year (2009), so you can print it out and use it whenever you need it. I guess if you are spending a couple of hundred dollars on new tires, then 10% could mean quite a few dollars back in your pocket!

Thanks wickenden!


  • Kari
    I took this coupon into Fountain Tire August 17 to use it on mechanical services and the code was not valid. Perhaps it is one time use only or specific to the person's email??
  • Anna
    Hi Kari. I don't think this is a unique coupon, as the L3MO code sounds pretty generic. I've seen plenty of coupons, and the unique ones tend to have a long random string of numbers, such as L4J4H56D12DD21... Would it apply to services anyway? The coupon states "purchases" so I took this to mean the actual tires, etc.
  • Impressed
    Like what you did with the Link ... Good for you!
  • Looking
    Just wondering if anyone has used this coupon recently? It looks like the survey may have been done by someone who was already a customer and I know I won't be in their system. Thanks in advance.

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