End Your Summer With Great Deals For Niagara Falls

17 August 2013

If you are planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer, as I am, you should definitely check for hot deals before you go. Bargainmoose had an account credit from some referring friends, so I was able to take advantage of a few great deals for my Niagara Falls trip. I've put together a list of great deals, which you could use for your trip.

I booked my own hotel deal, although I am regretting it a bit because there are some better ones out there right now. This deal from WagJag is $125 for a room at Embassy Suites, and you have your choice of an adult or a child package. It includes a stay in a falls-view room, dinner credits and either a winery tour or gaming credits. These deals are great because the dinner credits pay for themselves. Be aware that food is quite a bit more expensive at Niagara Falls restaurants because of the tourism factor, so while $40 off the Keg sounds fabulous, one entree is probably just that much. I once had a credit for breakfast, which I figured would be enough for both my husband and I to eat breakfast, but we ended up having to pay another $30!

We got five of this deal, for our entire family to get free admission to the Waves Waterpark. The deal is worth $30, but you'll pay only $15. I've had friends go to this water park at the Americana hotel, and say it is the best water park in Niagara Falls for little kids. We've been to two other ones there, and I find my kids can't do much because they aren't tall enough. My seven-year-old can enjoy the larger slides, but this just happened this year. I can't wait to go!

My family is also going to do this deal, which is admission to seven Niagara attractions like laser tag, haunted asylum and a magic show. It also includes two days of free use on the bus that takes you around Niagara Falls. This is a definite must-have because parking there is crazy expensive, so you want to keep your vehicle at the hotel and not move it. You can get one for $29 for an adult or $24 for a child, and it is worth $110.

The Niagara Falls attractions pass is well worth it. We bought this pass the last time we were there. You'll get to go on the Maid of the Mist (a must-do), Journey Behind the Falls, White Water Walk and see the movie Niagara's Fury. You also get two day's of transportation on the WeGo and coupons for other attractions. These passes are $46.95 for adults, but save you money if you bought each thing independently. Check that site for more combo passes.

If you want some coupons for other attractions, check out these sites:

Have a great time! Maybe I'll see you there!

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  • joy
    Go after school starts and you will save tons!! If you want to save on food simply drive 5 minutes from the falls tourist area and prices are normal. We stay at hotels there that offer "in & out" parking so it is no big deal to drive. The Keg in the Embassy Suites is well worth the extra price. When I compared it, it was only a few dollars more per entree than our local Keg. Tim Horton's does not increase their price in the "tourist zone". The workers told me corporate will not allow them to. They are a great option for breakfast. AVOID the buffet breakfast places! They offer cheap food prices but you get what you pay for and also they get you in the price of drinks! Tripadvisor is an amazing help. Take the time to look for a few restaurants before you go. One I highly recommend is the the Spicy Olive!
  • Eva W.
    Thanks so much for that info! I will look into it and I hope the Bargainmoosers do too!
  • joy
    Almost forgot, the giant ferris wheel is well worth it at night when they have the Falls lit up. On Fridays, Sundays & Holidays they have fireworks over the falls @ 10pm. We've done all the tourist attractions (we live 1 1/2 hr away). The Spanish Aero Car is ok but like everything quite pricey. I would stick to the attractions you get when you but the pass to do Maid of the Mist etc.

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