Discount Car Canada: One Day Moving Truck With Unlimited KMs Only $18.95

8 May 2014


If you are moving anytime soon like I am, you might need a truck for a day. Discount is offering a truck for one day with unlimited kms (I guess as far as you can get and back in one day) for only $18.95!

With this deal you'll be able to rent a cargo van for a same-day rental from Sunday to Thursday for that low price with unlimited kilometres. This deal is perfect for anyone who might be moving back home or who might not have a lot of stuff or doesn't mind doing several trips. This deal won't work for me as I can't fit a four-bedroom house into a cargo van. This would have worked for me on my move home from university.

There are some restrictions, although they don't tell you all of them, but one of them is that this doesn't apply at month-end. I'm not sure if this means you can't use the deal to get a truck on the last day of the month. So really, this mostly applies to students, which is perfect as students are usually broke and $20 to get your stuff home or to school is still a sweet deal.

Happy moving!

(Expiry: 31st May 2014)

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