Bentley Canada: 60% Off Tracker Nobility - IV Luggage

24 February 2012

Bentley Canada is offering 60% off the Nobility - IV luggage line from Tracker. The actual discount is 61% off every piece, and they have some great colours too.

You can choose from colours like orange, green, blue, pink, black and red. There are plenty of different size pieces to customize your own luggage set.

Below I show the price comparison and link to the black set:

You could get an entire set of 4 pieces for $229.99 - a very good price for a 4 piece set. I really like the luggage selection because they have colours that are different from the usual dark blue or black you always find. My brother-in-law got his luggage taken in mistake because his was the exact shade of blue that another guy had. In the end the mess got sorted out, but I like to have very distinctive luggage to avoid such issues.

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