Walmart Canada: Ultimate Play-Doh Rainbow Pack only $6 + Free Shipping (Was $12)

18 December 2013


Get 33 colours of Play-doh for only $6 from WalMart Canada!

I loved play-doh as a kid and I love playing with it with my son as a parent. I think every kid likes play-doh. It can be anything you want. If you want a horse, make a blue and green one out of play-doh. Want to make a swimming pool and some swimmers, go for it. It's great for parents too. At $6 for 33 colours, it can't really break, it makes your kids use their imagination - there are a whole bunch of great things about play-doh.

Another thing I like about play-doh is all the accessories. Buying a big lot of play-doh like this is kind of like getting a starter pack for all the other toys available. You can get elaborate things like the Play-Doh Disney Princess Dress Boutique Set or just pick up some cookie cutters from the dollar store.

This set was $12 but it's half off. You pay $6 and shipping is free!

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(Expires: Unknown)

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  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Love play-doh!

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