Toys R Us: Monster High Manster 2 Pack Was $45 | Now $24.97 (FS & $25)


Toys R Us has another stellar deal on Monster high dolls. This time you can pick up a two pack of boys to play with all the girls you have already accumulated. The Monster High Manster 2 Pack - Gil and Deuce was $44.99 and is on sale for $24.97 right now. Receive free shipping to your local store or get free shipping on orders of $25.

Meet Gil and Deuce. Gil is the son of the River Monster and Deuce is the son of Medusa. Together these boys will provide hours of entertainment and add a little boyish charm to the girl filled world of Monster High.

Both boys look pretty awesome. Gil has webbed hands and a fish bowl around his head as he needs to be in water to breath properly, and fins on his body as well. The colour scheme of pale blues and white suit the water monster theme perfectly. Deuce has a snake print tattoo on his shoulder, the coolest 'hair' that is green and scaly and has a few snakes of his own. He really takes after his mother.

The boys come with a few accessories as well. There are sunglasses, what looks like cell phones, and a board game like snakes and ladders. Whether you are a reviewer or a collector, this two-pack offers excellent value it works out to approximately $12.48 each doll. Here is what one reviewer said:

Purchased all the Mansters offered for granddaughter for Christmas to complete her Monster High collection. She went crazy and nearly broke glass screaming!! Best hit of the day. Would suggest more selection in future to balance out the line.

I have a very small (modest!) collection of two dolls and I am trying to keep my collection reasonable. However, deals like this just drive me insane because the dolls are so inexpensive and they look incredible. I price compared with Amazon Canada where the same two-pack of dolls is $49.95. Toys R Us most certainly has the better deal.

The last time I posted a two-pack deal from Toys R Us, it sold out very quickly. I hope you get the chance to take advantage of this offer. Now I need to decide if I am buying a pack for myself - a few boys to even out my girls.

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