40% Off Bruin Activity Cube With Bead Maze - Only $22 & Free Shipping @ eBay


Activity cubes are one way to give your child a whole bunch of toys in one! They tend to be quite expensive, but I found the Bruin activity cube with a bead maze on sale for just $22.17 at the Toys R Us Outlet on eBay Canada. It is regularly priced at $36.99. As an added bonus, you will receive free shipping on the cube!

Described as a "2 in 1 bucket", this cube can actually be disassembled to form a carpet with a number of activities like blocks that need to be inserted in the designated slots, gears that need to be turned, beads that need to be slid, etc. I like the block portion of the toy best as lots of kids love building things with blocks and they tend to be expensive all on their own.

When disassembled, you can arrange this cube any way you like as each side panel can be separated from its partner. You can organize the toy carpet the way you want: either as a panel or you could even have toys coming down the sides: use four pieces up front and then one on each side of your kid. This means you can also assemble the cube the way your kids likes: putting his favourite toys next to each other.

Activity cubes are noteworthy for being very expensive, with most being around $60+. The Imaginarium cube, for instance, is currently a whopping $89.99 at Toys R Us. The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube at Amazon is $59.99 and the B. Times Square Activity Cube is $69.95. The Bruin activity cube is definitely a great alternative and has as many - if not more - features than these other cubes.

The Bruin - Activity Cube Carpet 2 in 1 bucket is an exclusive of Toys R Us so you will only find it there and on their outlet at eBay Canada. This is why I have just compared against similar cubes.

For $22.17 and free shipping, I don't think you can find a better or cuter toy for your little one. This would also make an amazing baby shower gift as it looks like such an expensive toy while it is a great budget buy.

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