Tim Hortons Canada Kids Camp Day June 4th: 100% Of Coffee Proceeds Donated To Children's Foundation

1 June 2014

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Being a former teacher and having kids myself, kid's charities are very near and dear to my heart.  I love it when a company steps up and does something great for kids.  Tim Hortons is one of those companies.  On Wednesday June 4th, head into your local Tim Hortons and make sure to buy a coffee.  All proceeds from the coffee will be donated to the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation that day.

In honour of this charity, they are calling June 4th Camp Day. Basically, all day long from open to close, when you buy a coffee at Tim Hortons in any size, every penny of the sale will go to the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation.  The funds raised on Camp Day will help to send over 17,000 children to camp this year.

There are so many economically disadvantaged kids that would normally never get the opportunity to go to camp in the summer simply because their family could never afford it.  This charity makes sure those kids get to go for free.

This year, the camp kids will be playing Capture The Flag, which is so much fun.  I actually would play it as an adult!

Camp Day in 2013 was a huge success, raising an incredible $11.8 million for the Tim Hortons Children's Foundation. It would be great to surpass last year's success and send even more kids this year!

Additionally, you can make a donation if you feel inclined to.  If you are getting a coffee in the morning anyway, make sure it is at Tim Hortons on June 4th.  Your coffee could make a difference in a child's life!

(June 4th Only)

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