Summer Solstice Sale @ BigFishGames

24 June 2011

Here's a deal for those of you with iPhones or iPads. BigFishGames is having a summer solstice sale, offering 23 different games at discounted prices. The iPhone games are only $0.99, and the iPhone ones are $1.99.

These are mostly hidden object games, of which I am a big fan!

On my iPad or PC, I've played 3 out of the 23 shown on their list, Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret, Drawn: The Painted Tower, and PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville. Out of those 3, I'd say Drawn was the best - it had beautiful artwork and a great story, it made for a very entertaining gaming experience.

These games tend to give you between 3 and 6 hours entertainment, depending on how fast you plough through them. So, I think $1 to $2 is good value for that entertainment.

I am tempted to buy a few more to have on my iPad for a rainy day, but it's likely that I would crack them open and start to play them right away! I hear Azada is quite good, I think it's next on my list... And in the middle of writing this paragraph, I've just bought it! Downloading now!

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