Steam Deal: Bioshock 2 & Free Bioshock 1 For $45


In a few weeks, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Bioshock will be available! And the Steam online store is offering a special Bioshock bundle deal, which might be of interest!

Here's the offer: if you pre-order the Bioshock 2 PC game for $44.99us, they will also give you the original Bioshock 1 totally for free!

Or for those of you with lots of gaming friends, you can actually order a 4 pack for a total of $135. This means if 4 of you are each willing to pay your share, you can get the bundle deal for only $33.75 each!

Just to price compare with a few major retailers, Amazon, Best Buy and FutureShop are each selling Bioshock 2 alone for $60.

This is a game that I am looking forward to! I really enjoyed the first one, the superb atmosphere, the excellent storyline. Have you played Bioshock? Did you save the girlies or harvest their ADAM??


  • laura
    HARVEST!!! totally can't wait for this to come out! D2D has a similar offer. comes out on a tuesday - gonna be a few blurry eyed people on wed; i might be one!
    • Anna
      Well, I played Bioshock through once and I saved the girlies. I've been meaning to do a second playthrough with harvesting, might do that this weekend!

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