Steam: 75% Off Valve Complete Pack Games Bundle (Includes Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead 2) | $146 Value Only $25

25 September 2014

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Steam has been having some fantastic sales lately. In fact, you can even check out Avigayil's post yesterday about Steam's Tripwire bundle deal. However, today's deal should also garner a fair amount of attention. Until October 1st, you can save on this huge Valve Complete Pack Games Bundle, which includes 24 games and expansion packs in total - normally $99.99, you can now get all of these games for the low price of $24.99! You'll be able to quickly download these games right onto your PC or Mac computer, so you won't even have to worry about any shipping!

There are many familiar and vastly popular games in this Valve Complete Pack. Some of them include Portal, Portal 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Half - Life 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. And these are just some of the 24 games and expansion packs that you can get for the grand total of $24.99!

I remember playing Portal 2 a few years ago on my Xbox 360, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Even though I didn't complete the game, multiplayer was a lot of fun. Left 4 Dead is another enjoyable game in this package where you battle - you guessed it, hordes of zombies!

Left 4 Dead 2 currently sells at WalMart for $14.96, while Portal 2 sells on Amazon for $15.68. Both of those games combined is surprisingly more expensive than this Valve Complete Pack deal on Steam, which includes 24 games and expansion packs. I've included a brief review of Left 4 Dead 2 from a satisfied Steam customer below:

Even though this game is over 4 years old it still holds up as being one of, if not THE best zombie game on the market. It's not only fun playing single player but it's hilarious when you can get three more friends to join in the zombie killing.

This pack of games will only be on sale until October the 1st. Happy gaming, Bargainmoosers!

All prices are in USD.

(Expiry: 1st October 2014)

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