Shoe Company Canada: Buy A Pair Of Children's Boots & Get Free Admission To Frozen

24 October 2013


With snow in the forecast, I'm sure you are thinking it is probably time to get those winter boots bought for your kiddos. I was thinking this today while I watched my little ones trod off to school in their little running shoes. The Shoe Company has a great incentive for you to shop at their stores, by giving you one child's admission to the Disney movie Frozen with every pair of kids boots you buy.

What I love about this deal is that the free gift is with every pair of boots you buy. It would be annoying when it is just one free admission, when I have three kids! Someone would cry and get left out and I'd be the bad mom and it would be the Shoe Company's fault. My only issue is that I hand down a lot of my oldest's clothing and outerwear, but I really think kids should have brand new boots and shoes each year.

The movie looks totally cute and I love being able to take my kids to the movies a lot cheaper than the $12 or more per kid price tag. Now if only popcorn didn't cost me a month's pay.

To me, it looks like this deal might only be online, because I don't see anywhere that it says it is also in-store. If you find out that it is in the store, give me a shout in the comments below please!

(Expiry: 26th November 2013)

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  • JennBoyle
    Hello... I don't know for sure about the deal being available in store....but I DID see a sandwich board outside of their store this afternoon and it had a picture from this movie...I was too far away to read what it was about...but I would think if they have it advertised outside of the store as you go in.....;)
  • Avigayil M.
    Saw an advert for this movie in theaters... it looks hilarious. :D
  • Alex
    Yes, it is available in stores. We just bought shoes and got tickets. So go ... :)

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