Sears Canada: Little Tikes TikeStix Clubhouse $18.94 (Was $59.99)

16 September 2014


This deal is making waves over in the forum, so I thought I would bring it to our blog readers and Newsletter subscribers. The Little Tikes TikeStix Clubhouse is on sale for just $18.94, originally $59.99!

I tried to price compare this toy but it was hard to find in stock. I found it on sale at for $35 but it was already sold out. I also found it sold by a secondary seller at but they wanted an outrageous amount of money for it (over $100) not including shipping (which was also outrageous).

This set is pretty awesome. It not only makes a clubhouse, but you can take the 41 interlocking pieces, 8 fabric clips, and tarp to build whatever enters your imagination. Build a spider, a ship, a canoe, or even a moose! This set can be used for either indoor or outdoor play. All TikeStix playsets work together so you can combine this set with any other sets you might own now or collect in the future.

The TikeStix sets are built to foster group work and as children work together to build large structures, animals, or items. The playsets also foster spatial skills and math skills as children learn placement and how many pieces they need to create certain items. They learn to follow instructions and also to step outside the instruction manual to create items from their own imagination. Parents can join in the play to help younger children construct their dreams.

This set is designed for children ages 4 and up. There are some great reviews of this set on like this one:

TheTike Stix is easy to use - once you have mastered the basic principles - and my kids were able to build everything from a fort, to a boat, to a 12' tower in our living room. I am very pleased at how sturdy their creations were and so far this product has brought my kids nothing but joy. There hasn't been a single tantrum! I am quite pleased with the purchase and am glad that I bought 2 sets as it increases the creative possibilities.

It is a great idea to buy two or more sets as you can easily combine them for even more fun. Shipping starts at $7.95 or you can get this set shipped to your local Sears Canada for free.

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