Robeez Canada: 30% Off Winter Booties & Free Shipping!


I just have to post about Robeez booties… they're mega cute! Right now, there is a 30% sale on all their Winter booties, plus you get free shipping when you order 2 or more pairs online.

As some of you read on the blog a short while ago, I am soon to have a baby girl. I just cannot wait to buy all the funky shoes for her! These Robeez Soft Soles Koala are only $19.99, I quite like them. Or these little classic MJ bows are great! They're $19.99 as well.

I also heard that a lot of moms really love Robeez shoes. The children grow out of them pretty fast, but they have an excellent resale value on ebay!


  • joy
    I've never tried the booties but loved the shoes. The knock-offs just aren't the same. Its worth the money to have the real thing.
  • Jenny
    yes i love the shoes too... I've never tried the booties, but the shoes are great... never falls off and they are so cute! As a new mom you will love them too.
  • jody
    Never liked the robeez shoes. My best friend's child only wore them, and the doctor suspected they caused her feet to turn inwards when she walked. So I don't know. I buy my children buster brown shoes, they are pretty cute. But if these shoes work for your child then, great deal!

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