Where to Buy the New LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise

Where to Buy LOL Pearl Surprise

Ready for this? Pre-orders are officially over for the brand-new LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise! These sets have been out in the UK and Australia for a while now, and they're finally in stock in Canada!

They've very similar to the LOL Surprise! Big Surprise with one main difference: these are a little smaller and much more affordable. Instead of a $99 price tag, these go for around $45!

The best regular price I've seen ($44.95) is at Chapters Indigo. You're limited to two per customer, but you get free shipping and 225 plum points if you're a member! The LOL Pearl Surprise is also at Mastermind Toys for $49.99 (with free delivery).

Here's a peek at what's inside:

Each one includes a limited-edition doll and sister, as well as six pearl surprise balls and a shell-shaped doll stand. Plus, the case doubles as a purse and play set!

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  • Laura B.

    . I pre ordered!! Discount code with chapters.

  • Judith S.

    OMG !

    • Audrey T.

      Bon encore des boules hahaha

    • Judith S.


  • Leah M.

    weirdest ever.

    • Chloe M.

      Lol will need to get this one for the girls!’

  • Amy-Rose M.


  • Raeanne E.

    will K be doing another YouTube video on this one too. Lol

  • Shannon R.

    no more LOL dolls

  • Pamela K.

    I got mine!!

  • Leah M.


  • Melanie H.

    These toys are garbage.

  • Regan M.

    Or wait until The weekend & get 15% off & free shipping at Chapters :blush:

    • Regan M.

      Oh & if you order more than one - it has the same surprise in all of them!!

    • Bargainmoose

      True! They haven't been popping up every single weekend lately, but hopefully there's one soon!

    • Regan M.

      Bargainmoose I love your website & notifications- thanks so much for taking the leg work out of finding the best deals!!

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